Posted by: real80sman

Spring! - 03/30/13 10:56 PM

Christmas lights are down. Winter tires are off the car. Brother-in-law fixed my satelite dish. My wife did a spectacular job grilling steaks. And, Captain Morgan has come by for a visit. All in all, a great Saturday!
Posted by: St_PatGuy

Re: Spring! - 04/01/13 11:39 PM

Excellent, Shawn! Sounds like a perfect start to Spring.
Posted by: MarkSJohnson

Re: Spring! - 04/02/13 06:06 AM

We've had a few days of late that are in the fifties, and yesterday I think it just kissed sixty.

I'm getting some spring fever, though I haven't power washed the house yet!
Posted by: INANE

Re: Spring! - 04/02/13 10:51 PM

Silly, don't you all know that winter is coming?