Engine tick

Posted by: SBrown

Engine tick - 04/03/13 03:36 PM

I had an engine tick for a couple of weeks and thought , damn lifter is plugged or collapsed. So I put some Lucus in with a brand new oil change, didn't help.

So I was under the van this morning looking to see where it was coming from and found that the #8 spark plug wire was shaking a lot. I thought "the spark plug wire was loose and grounding out". NOT

It was the spark plug itself that had become separated and was clacking against the electrode. WOW, am I glad it didn't come apart, never had that happen before.Running quiet again.Yaayyy
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Re: Engine tick - 04/03/13 03:43 PM

Freakin' Bose sparkplugs.
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Re: Engine tick - 04/03/13 05:41 PM

AC Delco
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Originally Posted By: MarkSJohnson
Freakin' Bose sparkplugs.


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