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Posted By: fredk Holy Crap!!! - 04/19/13 06:55 AM
I thought I would take a peek at the late night news while I waited for my shift to end only to see that there was a massive police event going down in Boston. There are claims that they have one of the Bombing suspects in custody.

On officer has been killed. frown
Posted By: BlueJays1 Re: Holy Crap!!! - 04/19/13 12:16 PM
One officer is dead, one of the suspects is dead. The other suspect is on the run.

They are brothers from Chechnya. Area known for terrorism. So there is a possibility of them being financed by terrorist networks while living in the states.
Posted By: pmbuko Re: Holy Crap!!! - 04/19/13 09:00 PM
I refuse to speculate and will be happy reading up on details once things are known.
Posted By: nickbuol Re: Holy Crap!!! - 04/20/13 01:12 AM
They have the younger brother in custody now...
Posted By: CatBrat Re: Holy Crap!!! - 04/20/13 04:31 AM
I"m just going to wait for the movie.
Posted By: pmbuko Re: Holy Crap!!! - 04/20/13 05:00 AM
Always two there are...

You can't help but think the younger brother was brainwashed by the older.
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