Memorial Day

Posted by: JohnK

Memorial Day - 05/27/13 03:19 AM

Today we remember the men and women who fought for us and didn't come back.
Posted by: Wid

Re: Memorial Day - 05/27/13 05:05 AM

May God bless them all.

Posted by: MarkSJohnson

Re: Memorial Day - 05/27/13 06:08 AM

Thank you to all who served.

The older I get, the more appreciation I have, every day, for the sacrifices that were made.
Posted by: CatBrat

Re: Memorial Day - 05/27/13 10:19 AM

I served 4 years but never in a war. It makes me appreciative of all those who have, whether they lost their lives in one, or not.
Posted by: pmbuko

Re: Memorial Day - 05/27/13 11:32 PM

My son and I were lucky enough to welcome an Honor Flight to DC last weekend with his cub scout pack. We met the flight at Dulles and cheered for and thanked the veterans as they passed by baggage claim on their way to their tour bus. Many of them took the time to shake our hands and thank us coming out to meet them. The experience made me pretty emotional. I know these men and women hadn't paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country, but for each of the 70-odd veterans that were on this particular flight, thousands more never got to come home. I'd never felt that fact so strongly before.
Posted by: MarkSJohnson

Re: Memorial Day - 05/28/13 06:49 AM

Ironic that they're thanking you for driving to the airport after what they've been through.
Posted by: Adrian

Re: Memorial Day - 05/28/13 09:50 AM

Linda's dad spent his final years in the War Veterans building(part of Sunnybrook Hospital). Visiting him there, you couldn't help but feel you were stepping back into a different time.

Sad so many young soldiers never came home...we should never forget the freedoms they protected for future generations.