Beyerdynamic Line of Headphones

Posted by: FireGuy

Beyerdynamic Line of Headphones - 06/22/13 08:43 AM

Morning all. Since Father's Day enjoying Beyerdynamic DT-880. I've been fortunate enough to road test the DT-990 (600 Ohm) and their ultimte T1. Comfort and performance is just outstanding and it was an easy decision to stay with the line. With the Pioneer SX-850 amp these compete with the Axiom M2's in terms of neutrality, balance, staging and itimacy. Just a quick share.

Posted by: ClubNeon

Re: Beyerdynamic Line of Headphones - 06/22/13 02:58 PM

I have 880 Pros that I use when producing music. They are indeed very nice headphones.