New dedicated room

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New dedicated room - 07/23/13 02:14 AM

We take possession of our new place on the 30th.
My ideal room/HT lost to the homes nice location (450 meters from the kids school and across from a public park).
At 7'10'30'(exact dimensions to follow) it's not quite what I was looking for but I'm excited.
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Re: New dedicated room - 07/23/13 02:52 AM

Funny, us too. Will also have a basement, currently un-finished, so have a clean slate to work with.
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Re: New dedicated room - 07/23/13 10:06 AM

Can't wait to see what you guys do.
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Re: New dedicated room - 07/23/13 10:08 AM

The biggest issue will be your ceiling height. At 7 feet, it will be the limiting factor. I mean, with 30 feet deep, it will be really, really long if it is a dedicated space. You have enough depth for about 3 rows of seats, LOL. Unfortunately you would be hard pressed to get a 2nd row in there with a tall enough riser to see of the front row heads without the height being a factor.

But, think creatively and you may find a super solution that works great.

Maybe 1 row of comfy seats, and a second row with a countertop and bar-stool setup. Then you can skip the riser and the height isn't an issue. The bar stools would need to be as comfortable as possible too, but it is an option. Or just split the dedicated space in two and have one row of seats and a 7'x10'x15' space and another similar sized space and make a game room or something. smile
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Re: New dedicated room - 08/19/13 06:58 AM

I'll try 16' back and see what happens.
QS8's are mounted. Just so happened to have wires run when we bought the house. Changed them out with axiom cable.
Wish I had a beer.

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Re: New dedicated room - 08/19/13 06:03 PM

Originally Posted By: tomtuttle
Can't wait to see what you guys do.

Me, either! I think I'm gonna have to move some walls - unfortunately they are of the support variety...
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Re: New dedicated room - 08/19/13 07:54 PM

Finished the cable install. I used every foot of Axiom cable I had and I'm about 5' short.
I need to swap the center channel cable with spare cable.
I already had one splice.
Its a shame. Considering ordering all new cable.
16' doesn't work. Will try 12' tonight.
Its nice being unobstructed in front of the towers. Only a love seat and subs in the room now.
I'm most surprised by how my subs sound in this room.Gotta start over.
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Re: New dedicated room - 08/20/13 04:41 AM

Splicing speaker wiring is okay when it's done tightly. If it's only about 5', there shouldn't be any concern with using any electrical wire that might be available.
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Re: New dedicated room - 08/20/13 09:14 AM

It also depends on the splice. I mean there are differences between twisting the wires and using electrical tape and soldering the connection and covering with shrink wrap. Of course there are options inbetween as well like using crimp connectors, etc...

But yes, you should be OK. Look at it like this. I have 12 gauge wire running in my walls of my theater. At the speaker end, it terminates at a wall jack, same with by my A/V gear. Then I have smaller (2-5 foot depending on the location) "patch" cables with banana plugs on each end. There are essentially 8 more "splice" or "connection" points than if the wire was connected directly to my speakers and my A/V stuff. The key is that everything is connected super tight.

Good luck.
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Re: New dedicated room - 08/21/13 02:47 AM

I had an electrician run some telephone cable and coax for the satellite and while he was here I had him pull these cables and the Cat5 through the wall. I was so excited to have internet and satellite I forgot about the rear surrounds.
Ah well.

I had 1" bare on each cable, twisted tightly, cut off the tips, bent each over to fit the groove in the two cables,taped each connection heavily bending the negative back after and taping it to itself. + & - are 6" apart.
Still considering all new cable but its probably a waste of money considering I have 2 complete sets available which are like new but are too short.
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Re: New dedicated room - 08/23/13 03:38 PM

Does it make sense to install a projector on a 7' high ceiling?
It would be behind the seats...
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Re: New dedicated room - 08/23/13 03:45 PM

Yes, however you need to make sure that it is somewhere that people won't hit it with their heads. We have a 7'9" ceiling and we mounted a JVC RS45 projector (BIG projector) with about a 4" space between the ceiling and the top of the projector. This is above my second row of seats which is on a 12" riser, so it is like having a 6'9" ceiling. The key is that I put the projector above the seats themselves. Slight back so the you can stand up or sit down without any concern about hitting your head.
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Re: New dedicated room - 08/23/13 08:28 PM

The room measures 10'7" 7'2" 30'10".
Drywall on the walls, t bar ceiling, berber on concrete.
Two subs work. I'm going to add the third (formally considered a non performer)to see what happens.
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Re: New dedicated room - 08/24/13 06:41 PM

Should I be concerned the cables that were just installed are not in-wall rated?

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Re: New dedicated room - 08/27/13 02:41 PM

It worked out pretty good. Sounds nice, almost real. I'm ready for my first full length show.
Its interesting to see how it all worked out.
I had placed the rear of the towers and the TV stand 36" off the back wall, installed the surrounds where they had already been installed (would have been front right and rear right in the previous owners setup) with the love seat just ahead of the QS8's.
Coincidentally after running YPAO my towers and rear surrounds (QS4's)ended up being nearly the same distance (with in inches) from the seating area.
Another interesting note, the QS4's seem to have more bass than the QS8's in their current positions.
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Re: New dedicated room - 08/28/13 06:39 PM

I confirmed my order for the PT-AE8000 and a new treadmill to be centered behind the love seat. I should get both in the next week or two.
Never did find a mount or screen but I wanted to confirm the order before they changed the points value. The model its replacing isn't currently available and this one is definitely a step or three above for the same points. It was too good of a deal to pass up.
With last years points I ordered a snow blower. Its still new in the shed with about 5 hr's on it. My new driveway is quite a bit larger and we now have +/- a 100' of sidewalk down the side of the property to look after.I'm glad I got it.
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Re: New dedicated room - 08/30/13 02:26 PM

Hopefully someone will reply...I could use an opinion, for better or worse...
I am considering building a acoustically transparent screen that is the exact size of the opening (+/-7'2" x 10'7") 4' off the back wall and then projecting the image on the top half leaving the rest open/white.
I could swap all my cabling to the left side of the room, wouldn't need to worry about a horizontal center (= new M80= :),would be able to move my equipment to the side/at a right angle to the screen(no custom stand, double bonus), and when the screen wasn't in use it would basically function as a wall.
I got a $350 quote for the AT material and freight.
The savings from the stand would pay for the Panasonic mount.
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Re: New dedicated room - 08/30/13 09:09 PM

Originally Posted By: brwsaw
Should I be concerned the cables that were just installed are not in-wall rated?

If this were in Canada and a build was being inspected, they would not approve the wiring if it is not CL2 rated.
I'm fairly certain that is a common electrical code across most provinces.
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Re: New dedicated room - 08/31/13 11:31 PM

Its all good.
I'm going to move all my equipment to a rack behind the love seat.
There won't be any cables left in the wall.
It did bother me but while I was searching the forum for the projector it was stated the failures with that unit seem to be linked to having it ceiling mounted/upside down.
All current problems solved.
Side note, I just put the kids sofa and side chairs across the room in from of the love seat. We're all laughing at the Lorax atm.Sounds great.
Can't wait until the PJ is setup and calibrated.
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Re: New dedicated room - 08/31/13 11:32 PM

Wonder if I can get black acoustically transparent screen for the bottom half of the wall.
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Re: New dedicated room - 09/06/13 01:20 AM

Not much happening right now. I'm waiting on a number of things before I can do much more with the room.
On a positive note I did find a good use for a powered sub thats been sitting around. I currently have it to the left of my tower, just sitting there without power etc, as a speed bump.
The kids (about to turn 5 and 8) seemed to get the point and I no longer worry about the tower getting bumped or brushed from the side.
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Re: New dedicated room - 09/09/13 01:27 AM

Any good news on the new room a401classic?
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Re: New dedicated room - 09/14/13 08:22 PM

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Re: New dedicated room - 09/15/13 02:38 AM

Already thinking I might spin it all around.
It might fix a few of my remaining issues.

I'll have to redraw it and include the other doorways to explain.
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Re: New dedicated room - 09/15/13 11:12 PM

I find forums very useful.
Just the other day a guy posted pictures of his room with a question about speaker placement. My $0.02 was to spin it around placing everything on what was at the time his back wall.
I think I may follow my own advise.
I call it Plan D.

Edit: There's another way into each of the rooms at the bottom of the page.