Dropped the buck, bought the Sonos

Posted by: chesseroo

Dropped the buck, bought the Sonos - 08/05/13 10:10 PM

Well i finally caved and bought this Sonos system. After so many years of wanting to find something decent to play music around the house, have the customization to move from room to room, not have to re-wire the house, could run Flac files, etc.

I got a bridge and two connects, might go for three.
Was buggy a bit at the start. Zonealarm was playing havoc a bit (not sure why), and one of the connects was faulty i'm almost positive.
Beyond that, super slick.
Thrilled to have good sound out on the patio and be able to play same music in the living room yet separately adjust the volume for each room.
Controllable with any smart phone hooked up to the local WAN.

The patio system:
A new in the box NAD Viso 5 AVR for less than 50% retail cost (has built in dvdp).
Mission 737 vintage speakers.
The Sonos player.

The system was originally being powered by a vintage Kenwood KR-5600 but the input selector knob is giving me grief and i cannot get a tuner at the moment so it has replaced my H/K 380i powering my computer instead.
Talk about domino effect.

Posted by: tomtuttle

Re: Dropped the buck, bought the Sonos - 08/05/13 11:31 PM

Cool. I love vintage gear.

I haven't looked at the Sonos stuff for a while, but remember thinking it was well beyond my means.
Posted by: chesseroo

Re: Dropped the buck, bought the Sonos - 08/06/13 12:10 AM

Sonos is not cheap, but if i even get 5 years use out of it, i would say it was worth the expense.
So far it has been worth every penny. The only thing i fiddle with is setting up the speakers out on the patio each time i'm out there. I could go with wall mounted outdoor units, but i don't want to and already have a pair that fit in the gazebo for storage, so what's the point in buying something else?
Posted by: PatCase

Re: Dropped the buck, bought the Sonos - 08/06/13 10:50 AM

If you have an existing sound system and a computer with a hard drive, you can set up Sonos with relatively little expense. You need the Sonos Connect and the Sonos Bridge total should be about $500 with tax. The Connect and the Bridge will move music from your computer to an existing sound system. You can add the various Play 3 and Play 5 pieces as time and money allow.