Old Britishism?

Posted by: Ken.C

Old Britishism? - 08/17/13 06:44 AM

Hey guys, I was watching an old Doctor Who (The War Games, 2nd Doctor), and I came across a phrase scrawled on the wall: "Roll on death demobs too far away"

I assumed it was a set direction left behind by accident, ha ha, but when I googled it, it is apparently a phrase used by a small amount of people. However, there was no definition. From context, it seems to be something of a brave stand against death, but I really have no idea. Anyone?
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Re: Old Britishism? - 08/17/13 07:49 AM

I found this...
But not much help
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Re: Old Britishism? - 08/17/13 09:35 AM

Aaaaaah, that solves the puzzle. "Just kill me already, I'll never get out of this mess."
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Re: Old Britishism? - 08/17/13 10:27 PM

Oh boy. More Dr. Who strangeness...