Oppo Makes a Phone

Posted by: ClubNeon

Oppo Makes a Phone - 12/26/13 06:51 PM

Well, not Oppo Digital the Blu-ray player maker, but their parent company.


If I didn't love my Nexus 5 so much, I'd think about getting one. Looks like a very innovative phone. I've been messing with CyanogenMod on my old Galaxy Nexus, and it's becoming a very solid, custom build of the Android OS. Most of the issues stem from the fact that the people working on it don't have access to actual documentation or binary drivers for the phones, or the closed-source Google apps (like the Store, Maps, etc.). This isn't an issue with the N1, Oppo worked with Cyanogen and is approved to distribute Google's apps.
Posted by: fredk

Re: Oppo Makes a Phone - 12/26/13 08:36 PM

Interesting phone. The backside touch panel is very creative. I wonder how long it takes to get used to?
Posted by: ClubNeon

Re: Oppo Makes a Phone - 12/27/13 12:36 AM

My first Android, the Backflip, had a backside touch panel. It functioned as a scroll ball (as was in fashion at the time), and was useful enough.