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Posted By: exlabdriver HTS Sold - 04/26/14 04:57 PM

Thankfully that site was kept on the straight & narrow by the admins there & therefore became one of my favourites.

Lets hope that it doesn't regress into the nasty free-for-all that we see elsewhere...

Posted By: brwsaw Re: HTS Sold - 04/26/14 05:03 PM
Must have been a good offer. I wonder how it will effect the site's feel moving forward.
Posted By: tomtuttle Re: HTS Sold - 04/27/14 07:10 AM
Surprising. Good for them. I've always valued the forums and members there.
Posted By: Adrian Re: HTS Sold - 04/28/14 12:20 PM
Hopefully the new owners maintain the current standard and not let it degrade know....
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