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Posted By: MarkSJohnson For Tommy.... - 05/26/14 07:40 PM
In case you don't get "Pearls" on the Left Coast:

Posted By: tomtuttle Re: For Tommy.... - 05/27/14 02:06 AM
No, wild bears roaming the dirt streets prevent most art and commerce that is taken for granted by those of you residing in Civilization.

Pearls Before Swine is a great strip. Thanks for reminding me!

And, yeah, how are Chemistry, Physics and Peace more important than beer?
Posted By: a401classic Re: For Tommy.... - 05/27/14 04:01 PM
No Beer : No Peace

Know Beer : Know Chemistry, Physics, and Peace
Posted By: tomtuttle Re: For Tommy.... - 05/27/14 04:28 PM
Posted By: MarkSJohnson Re: For Tommy.... - 05/27/14 04:47 PM
Awesome and true!
Posted By: Ray3 Re: For Tommy.... - 05/28/14 09:23 PM
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