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So I joined a Facebook group a couple of weeks ago called "Home Theater on Any Budget" and today, the guy that created the group shared a photo of another group member, Fred Heinzler, showing his home theater. I opened the photo link to get a better view, and this guy has a full 7.2.4 setup using all Axiom speakers and subs, plus an Axiom Amp. I Facebook "stalked" his page, and he has a LOT of Axiom Audio posts and pictures. Then I see that he works from Avery Audio, who looks like they resell Axiom speakers???

Anyway, he has some fun photos out there if you "stalk" him yourself, and I was just curious if he was a member here that anyone knew of.

His equipment list is and room setup is:
7.2.4 Dolby Atmos Surround Sound System
Room Size 26’ x 30’

• SONY VPLVW300ES 4K Projector
• Da-Lite 159" Fixed Frame Screen
• Theater One Leather Power Reclining Seats
• Yamaha RXA2040 Dolby Atmos Receiver
• URC MX450 Remote Control
• URC 350 RF Module
• Panamax POMB850 Battery Back Up
• Axiom ADA1500 8 Channel Amplifier
• Axiom 1 Pair M100 Boston Cherry Tower Speakers Front Left & Right
• Axiom VP180 Boston Cherry Center Channel
• Axiom 2 EP800 Boston Cherry Subwoofers
• Axiom 2 Pair QS8 Boston Cherry Surrounds & Surround Backs
• Axiom 2 Pair M3 In Ceiling Dolby Atmos Speakers Custom Factory Painted to Match Ceiling

• Samsung Bluray Player
• Bell HD TV
Maybe he's an installer?
Not sure about that. He definitely works for a reseller, and he is clearly an owner since this setup was marked as being in his house.
Yes, we know Fred well! He is our exclusive installer for the Lake of Bays area. He did have a retail store and sold Axiom products going back to the mid 80's.
Posted By: Anonymous Re: Anyone know a Fred Heinzler from Dorset, Ontario? - 02/13/16 11:31 PM
Thanks for following me!
If you are in the area and would like to audition Axiom Speakers, let me know.
Fred Heinzler
Avery Audio
Dorset, Ontario
And while people are at it, swing by the Axiom factory for a visit. smile
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