Best 3D dvd's

Posted by: JBG

Best 3D dvd's - 02/12/16 05:57 PM

I have Avatar but looking for more very good 3d dvd's to add to my collection.

what are your 3d best picks
Posted by: MatManhasgone

Re: Best 3D dvd's - 02/13/16 03:48 PM

I personally think that 3D movies are just wrong. They seem to want to make the effects too much in your face that makes it hard to focus your eyes and miss most of what is going on. Real life is 3D, but not exaggerated like the films.

The one film that I think had the best 3D effects was Prometheus (2012) Ridley Scott. The effects were so subtle you don't really realize they are doing it, but makes the film seem more real. The scene that blew me away was from inside the cockpit of the space crafts where the outside vastness of space is set into 3d disappearing into the TV.
Posted by: fredk

Re: Best 3D dvd's - 02/13/16 10:56 PM

Ironically, I've never seen Avatar in 3D. I thought they did a very good job on the 3D with the most recent Starwars movie.
Posted by: MatManhasgone

Re: Best 3D dvd's - 02/14/16 08:48 AM

I saw Starwars in both 3D Imax and standard projection. Not letting my feeling of disappointment in the whole movie influence my review, but I thought that I got more out of the 2D projection than the 3D as I prefer the 3D effect to mainly go into the screen plane, rather than having the in your face 3D out of focus effects sitting on a plane 2-3 feet from your face. makes me feel sick and hurts my eyes.
Posted by: fredk

Re: Best 3D dvd's - 02/14/16 10:43 AM

Interesting. I did not get that 'in your face' feeling at all. 3D does seem to bother some people. My daughter is not a big fan either.