Ipad mini frustrations

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Ipad mini frustrations - 12/18/16 11:23 AM

I have an ipad mini I use it constantly for everything. Model A1432. It is tired and really starting to bug me. It doesnt display pdf docs properly (pages display black randomly). Web pages that use java crash and reload constantly. It is laggy as balls when I use spotify and try to do anything else.

So my question to all my IT pals, are the current versions better in terms of pdf, java, and general internet browsing support?

I have invested a bit of dough in software and measurement hardware for audio into it, so changing to android or a windows tablet would have to be an extreme improvement over current gen ipads. Its doable, but it would be great to hear from users that have tried both platforms.


My screen froze and locked up 3 times while listeming to underworld on spotify and writing this. Yeah.....
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Re: Ipad mini frustrations - 12/18/16 04:13 PM

Sounds like you need to free up some memory and a restart.
The only time our mini has been an issue was when we were low on memory.
I think Java is a seperate issue. We had no issues with it until the last apple update. Now I can't post here or shop amazon (can't expand images) on my V1 mini.
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Re: Ipad mini frustrations - 12/18/16 09:19 PM

This is apples forced update BS. They make new software for the new phones etc with faster processors and more memory and then dump it out there onto old hardware and it just hobble the living shit out of it. My IPhone 4s is like driving a 32 model A . Damn apple .
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Re: Ipad mini frustrations - 12/19/16 04:19 AM

Thanks guys. I did a restart and learned the memory dump trick. Seems to have helped a bit with lagginess. It didnt fix compatibility issues of course. I think the forced updates are bs too. I hold out every time.

It just seems the main purpose for these things, to browse the internet, should be the focus of their improvements. Safari sucks!

I sat with a 70 year old yesterday to show him the state of TV tech these days. He is looking at buying a high end display, probably OLED. Anyway, I wanted to show him the AVS vid and pics with the red and orange jerseys shot with a broadcast camera and displayed using quantum dots. Crashes and reloads aplenty. Safari hates AVS and CNET too.
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Re: Ipad mini frustrations - 12/19/16 01:31 PM

Jeez - I heard that 'I' products were so far above everything else out there in the universe.

How distressing, ha!...

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Re: Ipad mini frustrations - 12/19/16 02:10 PM

Whats your memory dump trick?
Just want to make sure I've done all I can lol.
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Re: Ipad mini frustrations - 12/19/16 04:31 PM

Instead of a full power off and restart you can hold the power button until the screen comes up to power off. While still holding the power button hold the home button for a few seconds and the screen will go blank then return you to your app. This is supposed to wipe the cache etc. from all apples' stuff in the background. Seems to work.
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Re: Ipad mini frustrations - 12/19/16 06:30 PM