Ian's Birthday

Posted by: JohnK

Ian's Birthday - 02/03/17 01:02 AM

It's now Friday in the Land of Axiom and Ian will probably be taking some time off to celebrate with great music, wine, etc. Happy Birthday, Ian!
Posted by: nickbuol

Re: Ian's Birthday - 02/03/17 09:01 AM

Happy Birthday Ian...

(I wonder how many people will not see this thread due to the increase number of "spammer" accounts and posts here...
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Re: Ian's Birthday - 02/03/17 09:23 AM

All the best and thanks for making the audio world a more interesting and improved place to be! I hope you enjoy some of those great local craft beers.

Posted by: MatManhasgone

Re: Ian's Birthday - 02/03/17 10:27 AM

have a great done.. enjoy the beers
Posted by: AAAA

Re: Ian's Birthday - 02/03/17 11:13 AM

Happy Birthday!
Posted by: exlabdriver

Re: Ian's Birthday - 02/03/17 12:17 PM

If Ian is anything like me (old!!), birthdays are just not welcome anymore, ha!

All the best...

Posted by: brwsaw

Re: Ian's Birthday - 02/03/17 02:51 PM

Wish I could be there to wish you a happy birthday in person. And to hear your setup lol.

Picts or it didnt happen...
Posted by: FordPrefect

Re: Ian's Birthday - 02/03/17 03:47 PM

Happy Birthday to you Ian, I'm sure you are enjoying your day.
Posted by: BBIBH

Re: Ian's Birthday - 02/03/17 04:10 PM

Happy birthday old friend...I mean...long time friend!
Posted by: CV

Re: Ian's Birthday - 02/03/17 09:53 PM

Happy Birthday, Ian!
Posted by: SirQuack

Re: Ian's Birthday - 02/04/17 09:54 AM

Happy Belated Birthday Ian!
Posted by: Ian

Re: Ian's Birthday - 02/04/17 12:44 PM

Many thanks to everyone for your wonderful wishes on my birthday. It did end up being a bit of a day off this year. Cheers!
Posted by: Ya_basta

Re: Ian's Birthday - 02/04/17 12:45 PM

Happy belated birthday, Ian!
Posted by: Newf

Re: Ian's Birthday - 02/04/17 01:55 PM

Sorry I missed this. Happy belated b day
Posted by: brendo

Re: Ian's Birthday - 02/07/17 07:29 PM

Happy belated Bday fellow Aquarius