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Posted By: Gr8_White_North Happy Bday to me - 07/09/17 02:37 AM
Going to see Metallica in Vancouver on Aug 14th , first Holiday in probly 20+ years gonna be a hoot. I saw them about 25 yrs ago at BC place(wife wont the tickets) and it was awesome, my freind was security and got us right up against the stage. I chose to sit in the stands this time, too old to stand up for that long of a stretch. This next month is going to drag like no other.
Posted By: brendo Re: Happy Bday to me - 07/09/17 08:19 PM

Happy Bday if you haven't been down here for a while it should be fun we've got lots of development going on downtown at the moment.

Plus that neighbourhood has been gentrified quite a bit in the last 2 or 3 years.

Still quite shady though.

About 2 or 3 blocks from B.C. place their is a place called HIFI center they carry BRYSTON and MACINTOSH KIMBER CABLE etc. all high end equipment.

Fun to look stuff and ironically it's located on Hastings and Carrol across from our Army and Navy Pigeon Park corner.

Should be a fun trip. Lots of sights though main city attractions have gotten pricey.
Posted By: Gr8_White_North Re: Happy Bday to me - 07/09/17 10:40 PM
We have but one audio video store here so will be fun to go look around some highend stores. I went to the sound room last time i was down , i plan to check it out again this time around as its under new owners. I will check the place you mentioned as well. We plan to go to Mission as well though only some racing friday night, the following weekend has a good meet but unfortunately we will be home by then. Too bad things didnt coincide better.Still be good to get out to the city so i realize how good i have it here. smile
Posted By: brendo Re: Happy Bday to me - 07/10/17 05:57 AM
The Sound Room is still here that's one of the Anthem Paradigm shops, they also carry Divalet. There's about 5 down that section of Broadway all high end.
Also within 1 or 2 KM from each other.This city's gone pretty stupid pricey though.

Sounds fun
Posted By: AAAA Re: Happy Bday to me - 07/11/17 11:20 PM
I hope you have an outstanding time! Rock on dude. Here's hoping you re birthday present is minor banger whiplash. Lol. Horns up.
Posted By: brwsaw Re: Happy Bday to me - 07/12/17 05:58 AM
Happy Birthday to you...
Are you flying or driving down?
Posted By: Gr8_White_North Re: Happy Bday to me - 07/13/17 02:11 AM
We be flyin down. Will rent a car or drive my parents car depending on whats available to rent. Not going to rent a hyundai or some shit. Get a charger or mustang or camaro if we can. We rented a mustang a few years ago, burned the tires off it. They took out the button for the traction control but i found a way a round it smile. Hopefully the weather is good. Not too many Metallica fans here i see, they dont know what they are missing goona be a hoot.
Posted By: merchman Re: Happy Bday to me - 07/13/17 02:20 AM
Happy Birthday to you! Congrats on scoring tickets to see Metallica. Hope the show is everything you hope it will be. They have been rockin' it for a long time now. I only have their Black album, but listen to many of their earlier and later tunes.

Enjoy the concert, and share a few pics and your review of the event after you get back.
Posted By: Gr8_White_North Re: Happy Bday to me - 07/13/17 02:49 AM
The black album was my first introduction to Metallica but i have many more now. I run a pair of 12" subs with a 600w amp in the car ,thats where i like to play their music. I hadnt considered pics, all i have is a crappy iphone 4, strange for someone who is into techy things. May have to upgrade before i go, i have a 2 upgrades availble since i have been rocking the 4s for so long LOL. A freind of mine in vancouver saw metallica a couple years ago after James got sober and he said they rocked the house down so i think it will be good.
Posted By: JohnK Re: Happy Bday to me - 07/13/17 06:55 AM
Happy Birthday, Richard!
Posted By: brwsaw Re: Happy Bday to me - 07/14/17 02:20 PM
Get a new can lock the front brakes for a burn out...
Posted By: Gr8_White_North Re: Happy Bday to me - 07/14/17 09:17 PM
Yeah , but they disable those sorts or things on rentals. I certainly dont need a car like that where i live. I would be in trouble all the time.
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