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Posted By: JohnK Jeff's Birthday - 07/27/17 07:19 AM
Jeff(Strider53)has his day on Thursday to celebrate and enjoy some good music, too. Happy Birthday, Jeff!
Posted By: Gr8_White_North Re: Jeff's Birthday - 07/27/17 07:31 PM
Happy Birthday Jeff. Have a great day.
Posted By: Jeff_in_the_D Re: Jeff's Birthday - 07/28/17 02:18 PM
Thanks you guys, for SE Michigan it was a fine day in July to get to celebrate
another birthday. Oh yeah, despite having to go into work. There should be a work rule, an Employees birthday should be an excused day off.
Posted By: Ya_basta Re: Jeff's Birthday - 08/03/17 01:50 PM
Happy belated birthday!
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