We six curves of Axiom are

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We six curves of Axiom are - 12/09/18 05:29 PM

Topic reserved for my next Yuletide masterpiece. In the meantime, enjoy last year's.
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Re: We six curves of Axiom are - 12/10/18 10:20 AM

Here is the link to last year's which I somehow missed in my first post:


This year's will be not nearly as humorous but far more educational.
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Re: We six curves of Axiom are - 12/10/18 10:23 AM

We six curves of Axiom are
30 years old we've come so far
every one eighteenth pi rad, an anechoic curve we add
of spinorama data not scalar.


O curves of tone and SPL
curves with similar shape and flare
gentle slope, low Q nope
perfect sound these curves foretell.

Direct sound real flat without any gain
"Axial Response" that is my name
simple content, most important
over all curves I reign.

Repeat refrain

A "Listening Window" nine curves mean am I
0 to +/-30 degrees across, 10 degrees down, 10 degrees high
within a dB, these curves must be
for listeneners to joyously sigh.

Repeat refrain

Image width, stability, timbre to tame
+/-40, 60, 80 across and 50 down and high's the game
most that we hear, bounce from quite near
"Early Reflections" is my aim.

Repeat refrain

A speaker's signature doth we take now
weighted mean of 70 curves is how
downward tilting, no broad wilting
"Sound Power" curve art thou.

Repeat refrain

The "DI" curve is the cash cow
the "Listening Window" from "Sound Power" take away now
closer to zero, it's a hero
listeners will procalaim a big "Wow!"

Repeat refrain

One last curve is for finesse
"Early Reflections" from "Sound Power" we minus
lateral prophylaxis, from far-off axis
"Early Reflections DI" shows polar bias.

Repeat refrain

Low DI with curves smooth and similar
disperse the sound as not to be insular
audio pornography, via sonic holography
sharp images spaced out renders them singular.

Repeat refrain

Axiom's direct radiators sound great when they're played
sound power declining 3dB per decade
if that DI, is a bit high
constant, low DI LFRs can be yours via trade.
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Re: We six curves of Axiom are - 12/11/18 08:39 PM

Thanks for all the thought and time on this one MOJO.
To what rhythm should we be reading?

Last years jingle was a little easier to follow and decipher the tune.
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Re: We six curves of Axiom are - 12/11/18 08:51 PM

We three kings from orient are
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Re: We six curves of Axiom are - 12/15/18 12:28 AM

Way WAYYYY too much time on your hands Mojo.

Nicely done! (but WAYYYY too much time on your hands....)

Sell this one to the Barenaked Ladies for their next Christmas album. They like quirky material.

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Re: We six curves of Axiom are - 12/21/18 01:54 PM

Thanks, Mike. I had just finished reading Toole's book and made some notes. I took the notes to boring work meetings about nothing and while others were babbling I fleshed it out. Some of my buddies wanted to know how what they heard with the v4 works and this piece helped them.