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Posted by: brwsaw

Output setting - 02/13/19 08:05 PM

Today I changed a setting on my Panasonic bluray player while listening to CD's and thought I would share after I recognized the instant change in sound.
My bluray player is connected by HDMI and has a built in option to select HDMI as the output for audio or to allow the player to decide (auto).
I changed it to auto and the moment I did the SQ improved.
My player is still connected by HDMI but my AVR display confirms an analog signal is playing.

It sounds more complete.
Posted by: Mojo

Re: Output setting - 02/13/19 11:15 PM

What prompted you to experiment so wildly?
Posted by: brwsaw

Re: Output setting - 02/14/19 01:27 AM

I changed 1 thing. Lol.
I didn't know it was there previously.
I certainly wouldn't have expected quite as much change.
More good news when I stop. Lol.
Posted by: Mojo

Re: Output setting - 02/14/19 05:48 AM

How does it feel to discover something new?
Posted by: brwsaw

Re: Output setting - 02/14/19 12:02 PM

Did you know you could pass analog through HDMI? I've been under the impression its a digital signal cable.
I need to try on pure direct and see if the signal changes back/shows 2.1 or anything other than "analog".

Edit: With respect to experimenting I was sure I already had it on the best option (PCM).I would have expected the same sound from both settings given the same information is being sent over the same cable.

Edit:To confirm it already sounded good. Now it simply sounds better.
Posted by: brwsaw

Re: Output setting - 02/14/19 12:10 PM

My hope is someone else will read this and experience the same change.

1% for free.
Posted by: Mojo

Re: Output setting - 02/14/19 08:07 PM

Yes, maybe others can benefit.

I always expected that HDMI cables could be used for analog signals. It's a very tight tolerance cable designed for digital and that also makes it great for analog. However, the distance has to be kept to within a few feet because the gauge is small.

I think the problem with PCM is it has to be converted at least twice before it gets amplified. If the conversions aren't clean, a lot of nasties degrade the signal.
Posted by: brwsaw

Re: Output setting - 02/15/19 02:25 PM

So would you recommend an actual analog connection or switching back to Bitstream?
Posted by: Mojo

Re: Output setting - 02/15/19 03:23 PM

I recommend whatever sounds better. I'd expect analog to sound better provided the cable isn't ridiculously long and not immersed in an electromagnetic battlefield.