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Posted By: Jeff_in_the_D Axpona 2019 - 03/21/19 08:50 PM
Anyone here who is planning on visiting this years audio show?
It’s next month at the usual venue in Chicago. The Schaumburg Hotel I believe.
I’m going to make the effort to visit the Bryston room, hoping they have the Model Ts
Posted By: Jc Re: Axpona 2019 - 03/21/19 09:22 PM
Have a look at what Bryston will be introducing at the Montreal Audio Show this weekend . . . . . . . . .

Ready for Double Ts anyone ?
Posted By: brendo Re: Axpona 2019 - 03/21/19 09:56 PM
Holy sh#$ those look awesome.
That wall of sound would probably smack you side ways, and just keep going.

To bad I'm across country. Definitely worth the effort of going just to see and hear those beauties.

Here's hoping those make it to one of my local Bryston dealers show rooms!!!
Posted By: Jeff_in_the_D Re: Axpona 2019 - 03/21/19 10:05 PM
Thanks JC, now I’m hoping those will be at Axpona!
Posted By: Mojo Re: Axpona 2019 - 03/21/19 10:41 PM
It needs a T-Rex center.
Posted By: Mojo Re: Axpona 2019 - 03/21/19 10:50 PM
BTW, I did this back in 2007 with Jakewash's M60s on my M80s. There are photos right on this site of that monstrosity. When I get my ADAs, I'm gonna stack the M80s on top of the M100s, and then my M5s, M3s and Audiobytes on top of those. The Dreamcatchers, with their compromised woofers, will go right on top. Then I'm gonna pump 1.21 jiggawatts through that nightmare and watch it explode into space. JT, don't be jealous now.
Posted By: FireGuy Re: Axpona 2019 - 03/22/19 01:03 AM
Originally Posted By Jc
Have a look at what Bryston will be introducing at the Montreal Audio Show this weekend . . . . . . . . .

Ready for Double Ts anyone ?

An updated show case of Bryston's Middle T-Rex in Montreal.
Posted By: Jeff_in_the_D Re: Axpona 2019 - 03/27/19 10:59 PM
So it appears that Bryston may be showing the Mini-T Rex at Axpona next month.
That is according to a post of James Tanner I found in a Bryston thread on Audio Circle.
Just a little FYI.
Posted By: Jeff_in_the_D Re: Axpona 2019 - 04/18/19 12:17 AM
At Axpona last weekend Bryston had the Mini T not the Mini T Rex as I had hoped.
Still, the Mini Ts were sounding good for what they are and considering the smallish
sized room they were in.
Although it’s possible they were there and I just missed that room. This was my first audio
show and it was certainly large!
Almost too much!
Posted By: Mojo Re: Axpona 2019 - 04/18/19 02:55 PM
When you say they sounded "good", what do you mean? Can you describe what you heard?
Posted By: Jeff_in_the_D Re: Axpona 2019 - 04/19/19 04:54 PM
I certainly don't have a great audio vocabulary. In this room the gloss white Mini T Active speakers sounded just fine to me. There was nothing about their presentation I found objectionable. The highs, mids and low end were well balanced. No one area was emphasized. When I visited this room there was a female vocalist playing whom I am not familiar with but this was a decent demo track. Not my choice of music but it worked.
The Mini Ts were positioned about 5 feet from the rear wall with about 2 feet clearance both right and left with perhaps 5 degrees of toe in.
They appeared to be similar in size to the Axiom M5HPs, maybe a bit larger. Not really book shelf speakers.
I believe they were using two 21B or 24B amplifiers along with the BAX-1 DSP. I do not know what was used as a source or for preamp duties.
Sorry, if I could remember how I'd include a photo.
Posted By: Mojo Re: Axpona 2019 - 04/19/19 06:50 PM
Thanks, Jeff. Indeed they are bigger than the M5HP. They reach lower in a more linear way too.

I watched a few speaker videos from Axpona. Listeners and manufacturers were extolling the various technologies and materials used in the speakers, the aesthetics and the nuances they heard in the treble and mid-range or how present the bass was or wasn't.

Not one described the soundstage they heard or didn't hear which includes depth, width, height, and layers. Not one described whether or not the speakers formed images, where those images were within the soundstage, their size, how well they were localized and rendered and the amount of blackness (space) between them.

With the positioning of the Braxioms you described, I bet at the correct MLP, you'd hear a holographic, 3D soundstage projected behind the speakers just like every Axiom v4. Images would be sharply defined with blackness between them just like every Axiom v4. This is largely what The Axiom Family of Curves is all about.

How much better this illusion can get with digital, active cross-overs, is an enigma for most of us.

BTW, this v4 soundstage and imaging is yet another secret Axiom never talks about.
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