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Posted By: Wid TV stand - 05/23/19 08:02 PM

Hey guys. I'm looking to get a 65" TV and want to buy a TV stand that can accommodate a V160. I suggested a separate stand for it but that idea got shut down.

Hope all has been well.
Posted By: Mojo Re: TV stand - 05/23/19 08:10 PM
Don't buy anything made by Ashley.
Posted By: Rock_Head Re: TV stand - 05/24/19 08:31 PM
BDi Media cabinets are very nice but a bit pricey. I ended up purchasing an on-wall VP180 as BDi do not make a cabinet that would fit a VP180.
Posted By: brendo Re: TV stand - 05/24/19 08:40 PM
Check Best buy I got mine on sale about 100/150. {V line} I think, media stand with a T.V. wall mount attached to the stand. My 160 fits nicely even though I need to raise my T.V. remote a little to get the I.R sensor. Looks nice and is functional.
Posted By: SirQuack Re: TV stand - 05/27/19 04:14 AM
Don't have an answer for you, maybe soup cans? LOL, no wait that was someone using Qs4s, lol. Good to see ya Rick, I don't come around as much as I used to either. frown
Posted By: Mojo Re: TV stand - 05/27/19 04:25 AM
I had canned beans under my 160v4 until I upgraded to styrofoam!
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