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We've recently renovated so I'm cleaning out my house of all things unused, which includes a pile of old electronics & computer parts. I'm not really interested in trying to sell it for nickels and would just like to get rid of it. But I'm not sure if I should just throw it in the trash or if there is a better way to dispose of it. Anyone have any advice?

Specifically, I have:

Computer parts & cables
Computer hard drivers (I believe I've wiped them but I might physically destroy these on my own)
A/V cables (audio, coax, component)
USB cables
Physical media (CDs and CD cases)
Outlaw 970 receiver
Shaw Direct cable boxes (practically like new)
Axiom VP-150 center channel speaker (replaced with VP-180)

Thanks in advance!

Bryan, I'll trade you the receiver for a nice bottle of red wine. You're in the north part of town, right?

Sure...but make it a nice bottle of white...say a sweet Reisling or Gewurztraminer and it's on. It'd be nice to send it on to someone instead of ending up in the trash bin!

Yes, I'm in the NW (Valley Ridge to be exact). Perhaps you could come over and tune up my home theatre wink

BTW - thanks for the suggestion in my other post from last May to contact Mr. Fiksit to fix my broken EP500 amp. I just got around to taking it to him but he just told me today he can't fix it, unfortunately (the DSP section isn't passing the signal). So I need to see if Axiom can replace the EP500 V2 amp for me, or replace it with a cheaper sub. Any thoughts?


You got it, Bryan. I'll PM you.

I'd send Ian an email about your 500v2 and see what he can do.
I had an issue with my original EP600 amp many years ago and the parts were obsolete. Luckily they had a newer amp design that would fit into the the sub and it is still rockin as one of my 3 subs.
Hang on to that 150 and use it as trade in next time you want to buy Axiom gear.
Electronics recycling depots here in Calgary take all that stuff but I drop them off at a local Best Buy because it's close to home.
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