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Posted by: Anonymous

New Speakers - 07/19/01 05:09 PM

I have read all the reviews of your products at Soundstage and at Goodsound. They seem like they are very good for the money. I am deciding whether I will buy the M3, M22 or M40.

First question: is Soundstage reviewing the M22? (they have reviewd the other speakers).

Second question: Are you bringing out any new speakers that I should be aware of?

Posted by: axiomadmin

Re: New Speakers - 07/27/01 10:31 AM

Hi Steve;

Thanks for your question. SoundStage!'s affilliate, GoodSound! will be reviewing our M22 over the next month or so. We are shipping a pair out to Srajan Ebaen today for review. He will also be reviewing our EP125 sub, the sub we recommend for use with the M3.

And in answer to your second question, we are engineering constantly! But nothing is due to be released in the near future at Axiom.


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Re: New Speakers - 07/31/01 10:17 AM


Go for it...I did! I just bought a pair of M50's, a pair of M3's for surrounds and a VP100. I received them last night, hooked them up and WOW, they sound amazing!!! I was particularly impressed with the M50's. They're so detailed, the imaging is wonderful and the speaker is fast and responsive. I'm also hearing many more nuances in DVDs and CDs than ever before. I've seen "The Fugitive" a million times on DVD, but last night I heard many little details that I've never experienced before.

If you do buy a pair, enjoy!

PS I'd go with the M50's over the M40's...I kinda liked the idea of dual woofers. I also thought that I liked the idea of the M50 floor standers rather than the M22's on stands, but that's just my preference.

RJ Reda