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O/T - The Tick - 05/12/04 01:52 AM

Seeing as this forum has some quirky sense of humour, so I thought I'd let you all in on my newest find. Fox had a series called "The Tick" with Puddy from "Seinfeld". It was originally a cartoon, which was also and excellent show. Some of the underlying themes were hilarious, even for adults. Anyway, the show only stayed on for 9 episodes, but there's some damn funny stuff on it. Some of 'Puddy's' acting is, um questionable. Check it out. Good times, good times.
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Re: O/T - The Tick - 05/12/04 07:37 PM

Puddy's real name is Patrick Warburton and I really enjoy his sense of humor. My biggest disappointment was that they cancelled the show only 2 episodes after I got my own Tick costume to wear while watching it,in fact, I'm wearing it right now. Just as well, the damn thing is very warm. Living in upstate NY where the winters are long an snowy, it has been useful for cross country skiing and snowmobiling. Odd though, people don't stop to talk on the trails like they used to. By the way, what did you mean about the humor on this forum?

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Re: O/T - The Tick - 05/12/04 08:10 PM

I LOVED the Tick. Is it playing on repeats somewhere? Please do tell so I can tivo it.
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Re: O/T - The Tick - 05/12/04 10:01 PM

Or you could just do a wishlist...
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Re: O/T - The Tick - 05/12/04 11:39 PM

Could somebody please photoshop Ray into a Tick outfit?

Then, I'd finally have something for over the mantle.
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Re: O/T - The Tick - 05/13/04 12:22 AM

No need for Photoshop... I've got these pics of the forum gang from last Halloween... I drew short straw...

Bren R.
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Re: O/T - The Tick - 05/13/04 03:28 AM

I meant no ill-will by stating about the sense of humour in this forum, only that people here are open to some good comedy. I got the series from Netflix, but I'll bet you could buy it somehow.
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Re: O/T - The Tick - 05/13/04 03:34 AM

BTW, that's Ray3 as the Tick, Spiffnme as Arthur, BigJohn as Batmanuel and me as Captain Liberty, for those who haven't read the "Who's brave enough to show their face?" thread.

Bren R.
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Re: O/T - The Tick - 05/13/04 07:35 AM

for what it's worth (not much), the guy who started the tic comic books hails from my home twon, pembroke mass.
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Several weeks ago I had the chance to meet one of the two guys who wrote The Tick. My SO loved the show and by chance my cousin is friends with one of the writers. Both the original animated series and the short-lived live-action series are available on DVD on eBay (the animated versions are all pirated; due to some kind of legal dispute that series is not available legitimately, but the six or eight live-action episodes are).
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Re: O/T - The Tick - 05/13/04 09:33 AM

oh bren..

i knew i would end up regretting posting my pic on here!?!? what a surprise for me to see this morning.

BTW- is that a velvet collar i have on?? i look good in earth tones!!

ray's been working out..


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Re: O/T - The Tick - 05/13/04 11:33 AM

ROTFLMAO! and then some!! Bren, that made my day. Thanks!
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Re: O/T - The Tick - 05/13/04 01:17 PM

I'm surprised how easily Ray's head fit into the costume... there may just be something to that!

No hard feelings, BigJohn?

Bren R.
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Re: O/T - The Tick - 05/13/04 01:26 PM

Oh Man - I'm DYING here. I had to stop laughing befroe I could post. That is WAY too funny.

Oddly, it looks like you managed to capture me just as I was exiting from our grocery store on one of my shopping expeditions.

spiff, I didn't realize you had your own costume too. (And you look fabulous, I might add). Just a couple of insights based on my experience.

1. Steer clear of biker bars, those guys are NO fun and have little respect for The Tick.

2. Do NOT play golf on a hot day with the the suit. By the third hole, I began to experience tremendous chafing.

3. Keep the suit locked up - I have caught bigjohn trying to break into the closet twice now. He blubbered some excuse about wanting to feel pretty and that Texas has ticks that are that big and he wanted to join them.

Bren - you are one beautifully twisted guy. It has been some time since I have laughed this hard. Seriously, can anybody figure out where that "quirky humor" is that was mentioned?
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Re: O/T - The Tick - 05/13/04 01:49 PM

NA, no hard feelings at all.. i thought it was funny as all get-out.. i just laughed again when i saw the pic. i would say something like "paybacks are hell", or "revenge is sweet".. but i got no way of gettin you back on here..and i sure aint drivin to canada just to give you a wedgie..

on second look, ray seems constipated. he's just got that certain glint in his eye that says, "wheres the bathroom"?


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Figured it's hard for anyone to take offense when I put myself in the female costume.

Hmm.. though this is one day I miss my headbanger hair.

Bren R.
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Re: O/T - The Tick - 05/13/04 02:32 PM

In reply to:

i sure aint drivin to canada just to give you a wedgie

There is just something so *deeply* funny about that! It is a classic! I'll be using that for years in all kinds of contexts.

Please excuse my senility if I passed this along before, but it kind of reminds me of the homespun truisms in The Sweet Potato Queens' Big-Ass Cookbook and Financial Planner, which included the now oft-quoted nugget "get happy, don't get happy - it's the shuttin' up that counts".

You guys crack me up.