your very first album

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your very first album - 04/19/05 04:58 PM

Do any of you remember your very first album that was all yours. I'm not talking about ones that were handed down to you from relatives, but the first one of your very own. I'm surprised to find mine on the internet since it was a K-tel know, the ones you've seen on TV?! Here's mine: DIMENSIONS. I was in sixth grade and had my first boy/girl coed party at my house and we partied to that album!
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Re: your very first album - 04/19/05 05:08 PM

AWESOME website!!!

i had at least 3-4 of those from K-TEL. i actually still have 2 in my record collection.

BTW- i think there was a 'first' album thread not too long ago.. FWIW, my first album was KISS ALIVE.. and first cd was megadeths PEACE SELLS, BUT WHOS BUYING.. it was 85 or 86?

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Re: your very first album - 04/19/05 05:23 PM

Bigjohn I still have that Megadeth album. That cd cover was sweet. Also one of my first cd's was Slayers' Season In The Abyss. Freaky stuff.

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Re: your very first album - 04/19/05 05:30 PM

yes, i was a rebellious young man myself.. i listened to ALL the stuff my parents didnt want me to.

slayer, merciful fate, king diamond, wasp, iron maiden, megadeth, accept, suicidal tendencies, motorhead..

the worst the album cover, the more i wanted it!!!

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Re: your very first album - 04/19/05 05:55 PM

OK......I will not be ashamed to admit it.....

The Partridge Family

I think I was in third or fourth grade.
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Re: your very first album - 04/19/05 06:08 PM

Well, at my age, the first ones I can remember were monaural vinyl. The first was either this one:

Or it was this one:

I still have them both. This was probably the first one I bought on my own, and the first stereo album I owned.

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Re: your very first album - 04/19/05 06:11 PM

Curtis ... THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY ???? ... now EVERYTHING makes sense ...

Mine was Grand Funk Railroad's TNUC ... and Uriah Heep's Demons and Wizards.
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Re: your very first album - 04/19/05 06:11 PM

Jack....all classics!
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Re: your very first album - 04/19/05 06:14 PM

The first album I bought on my own was E.L.O.
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Re: your very first album - 04/19/05 06:39 PM

Cool K-Tel site!!

I still have Too cool.

And I also had the K-Tel Record Selector (not anymore!).
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Re: your very first album - 04/19/05 06:43 PM

Thank you, Curtis. I DO have excellent taste in music . And just to avoid any misunderstanding those are all winks signifying that I'm being completely facetious.
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Re: your very first album - 04/19/05 06:48 PM


I didn't really become musically "aware" until about 1983-84. I of course heard all the music that my parents and older brother listened to, but the first music that was "mine" would have come about in the summer of 1984.

Michael Jackson - Thriller
Prince - Purple Rain
Duran Duran - Rio
Huey Lewis & the News - Sports
Men at Work - Business as Usual
Footloose soundtrack
Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack
Talking get the idea.

If I recall correctly the first album (cassette actually) that I remember owning of my own was Purple Rain. (A birthday gift) and I was NOT happy. I had specifically asked for Michael Jackson's Thriller album. Who wanted Prince? He was a "fag". (oh...the irony!) Turns out I LOVED the album. Every single song. (especially Darling Nikki, cause it was naughty and I was twelve.)

Van Halen/David Lee Roth came along soon thereafter. 1984, Crazy from the Heat, Eat 'Em and Smile...

Damn...the 80's get a bad rap, but there was some great music then.

fyi...prior to discovering music of my own I listened mostly to Jim Croce, Kenny Rogers, Simon & Garfunkel, and love them all still today. I also really enjoyed listening to old Bill Cosby records.

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Re: your very first album - 04/19/05 06:53 PM

Ok, now here is the disclaimer: It was 1978, it was 9th birthday, and my parents were big into Disco. Yes, you guessed it - Village People - YMCA.

But the first album I bought MYSELF was AC/DC Back in Black. It was also the first CD I bought.

Sonicfox, you made me dig out my vinyl. Very cool. My wife hates you.
Posted by: bray

Re: your very first album - 04/19/05 07:48 PM

Three Dog Night "Joy To The World"

I still enjoy listening to it.
Posted by: RickF

Re: your very first album - 04/19/05 08:17 PM

In reply to:

(January 1967, available on CD)
Break On Through (To The Other Side) / Soul Kitchen / The Crystal Ship / Twentieth Century Fox / Alabama Song (Whisky Bar) / Light My Fire / Back Door Man / I Looked At You / End Of The Night / Take It As It Comes / The End

This is the first album I ever owned, sounded real nice on that turntable with the built in speakers, it was a light cream color with built in speaker, couldn't tell you the name to save my life.
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Re: your very first album - 04/19/05 10:03 PM

The first one that I asked for and that was bought for me was a Roger Williams piano album. I can picture the album cover in my mind and remember the sound, but not the name.

Another album I had-And still do!! is still with me today! Is a real "Record Album" Open the book(like a photo album) and inside the front cover is a listing for up to ten 78 records. Each 78 has it's own individual enveloping page. It contains 78s on the Columbia, RCA and Disc, New York, labels. It, however, was a hand-me-down from my father in the late 50s.
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Re: your very first album - 04/19/05 10:47 PM

Ok sonicfox, now you've done it-

Question, Question anyone!!

Remember "Your Hit Parade"? Of course you do, wasen't it Snookie Lansen, Jeselle Macensie,(sp) and two others that I can't recall their names. (Help!)

Also at the same time, and advertized on TV was a company that sold 45s of the songs that were popular at that time-they were, I think on blue see-thru plastic. Anyone remember who sold these things?

Both of these two seemed to die at about the dawning of Rock.
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Re: your very first album - 04/19/05 10:52 PM

Rosemary Clooney (George's aunt) and Gordon McRae. I didn't know this myself you understand - Jack told me.

As a matter of fact, Jack - tell everyone about that album you bought after the live Druid chanting concert at Stonhenge in 1207 AD. I believe you said it was the first vinyl disc ever cut.
Posted by: curtis

Re: your very first album - 04/19/05 10:55 PM

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Re: your very first album - 04/19/05 11:39 PM

Dorothy Collins.
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Re: your very first album - 04/19/05 11:55 PM

A bit fuzzy, but either Elton John / Elton John, or a Sha Na Na record.
But the one that I remember REALLY wanting, and my Dad would not let me buy it, because the guy at the store said it was "one of those pot smoking bands" was The Band, Rock of Ages.
I had no idea who the Band was, or why I wanted that album, but I was just facinated with the idea that it was a whole (or so we thought then) Live show, and I just loved the picture on the cover.
It just looked cool.
Years and years later, after I had become a huge Band fan, I had the opportunity to show my Dad the album cover.
I asked him who (he thought) had taken the picture.
Without even a moment's hesitation he responded with, "Why that's Ernst Haas."
My Dad had studied under Haas up in Maine while on his way to becoming a photographer.
He remembered the incident, and got a pretty big kick out of the funny way that life seem to work out sometimes.
And, back then anyway, he thought The Band was pretty darn good!

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Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 12:21 AM

OK Curtis! If you keep laughing, and I'm gonna start talking about the virtues of X-10 controlled lights, and you'll end up spending a LOT of money!
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Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 12:24 AM

I have diverted my attention from your and Ray's hipnotic money spending spell.
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Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 12:51 AM

Good quesiton Sonic.
I would have to say this classic on LP:

Posted by: pmbuko

Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 01:10 AM

LPs?? I'm too young for this game.
Posted by: AshBoomstick

Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 01:27 AM

yeah me too. i'm not sure if it's the first, but it was definitely one of them! still got that sucker too! i bet i could sell that puppy to minirock for a couple large...
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Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 01:48 AM

Hmm, let me harken back. The first vinyl? For my 11th B-day my parents gave me a little plastic cream coloured record player with a 2 or 3" speaker. I either was given or purchased immediately thereafter, six 45's. The ones i can remember are:
Monkeyes - I'm a believer
Beatles - Revolution #9
The Band - Up on Cripple Creek (side B) & Drive Old Dixie Down (side A)

The first two albums I bought were also by K-Tel 20 Explosive Hits - US version and 20 Explosive Hits - Cdn version . I figured you couldn't beat the value. I remember just falling in love with the song "Venus". Ma Belle Amie, No Sugar Tonight and American Woman also stick out in my memory. I became a big Guess Who fan back then.


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Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 01:51 AM

My first album? Ignoring the tapes... and please, ignore the tapes...

Aw crap. Ignore this too... I didn't have any taste as a young teenager--Kitaro, Light of the Spirit.

Still have it. Listened to it a few months ago and said, "What the hell did I see in this junk?"

Um, no offense to any Kitaro fans out there.

The first rock (ie, not Weird Al album) was Nirvana-Nevermind.
Posted by: PaulM

Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 01:52 AM

Oh yeh. My sisters were big into stuff like the Partridge Family, Bobby Sherman, David Cassidy (also Partridge Family) and The Bay City Rollers, so I listened to that stuff too.

Just wouldn't admit it at the time.
Posted by: St_PatGuy

Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 01:58 AM

1982, I begged my mom for "Pac-Man Fever" by Buckner & Garcia. Oh, the joy when she let me put it in the cart. Had to wash the family cars as payment, but it was worth every penny. I can't believe no one's mentioned this one yet.

Okay, so I was a wierd kid. . .
Posted by: PaulM

Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 02:43 AM

And oh, how could I forget Peter Frampton Live. My sisters listened to it incessantly. It just about drove me around the bend. I gotta stick this one on the "worst ever" thread.
Posted by: Seabear

Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 07:39 AM

A few years ago a couple of buddies of mine went to see Frampton when he came through town.
5 or 6 songs into the show they were laughing hystericly, because he simply did a note for note recreation of that Comes Alive album.
Nothing more, nothing less.
And, of course, being of the right age, they new each and every note. In the Summer of '76 (I think) you could not get away from that album. It was everywhere.
I STILL hate it.
Posted by: F107plus5

Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 07:40 AM

Hmmmm, I dunnno...Rosemary and Gordon were too popular at that time in other areas I thought-maybe Jack was just kiddin' us!?

Dorothy Collins rings a bell!!

1207 was the date for the first release, but there was an earlier cutting of "Merrie had nuttin' but mutton" a year earlier, using chipped stone as a needle on an inverted tarred round fishing boat. I understand the owner of the boat drowned a few days later while going fishing, as the grooves cut through the tar, and consequently the first ever recording was lost forever. In memory of the ocassion, however, all records made, right up to CDs, have been made black in memory of the first recording, and the brave fisherman who gave his life so that we all could listen.

Thanks for the responces!!
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Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 08:58 AM

KISS Alive II. For an eight year old, the shot of Gene Simmons on the cover with the "blood" pouring out of his mouth was way too much to resist. That was it -- I bought Destroyer not long after that, followed by Billy Joel's 52nd Street ("Big Shot" also goes down well for an eight year old) and Elton John's Greatest Hits.
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Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 09:57 AM

dmn23- man, i SOOO agree.. back in the day, i would buy albums strictly on the album art. and they must have had a grasp on how to market to young pubescent boys. cause, if it was dark, and evil, and mysterious, i wanted it.. Alive II is a perfect example of that. as is destroyer. i think iron maidens 'number of the beast' has the same qualities. i remember feeling like i was making a deal with the devil just by pulling that album off the shelf..

Posted by: dmn23

Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 10:38 AM

Truly great album covers are few and far between these days. All of the old hard rock/metal bands had a really good handle on what would sell.

KISS (and Gene Simmons in particular) were obviously the kings of that kind of marketing. I think we're about the same age -- don't you remember how exciting it was to open your copy of Alive II to find the booklet, the "tattoos" and that kick-ass shot of them at the Long Beach(?) arena with enough pyrotechnics going off to level a small city? You couldn't beat that with a stick. Nothing compared. And I remember the little carboard rubberband "gun" they included with the Love Gun album. And of course there was always that invitation to join the KISS Army. And they used Gibson guitars and Pearl drums because they wanted the best. It tickles the hell out of me just to think about it. I wanted a sunburst Les Paul so bad I couldn't stand it -- no one was cooler than Ace Frehley!

Maiden had great album covers, no doubt. The first three or four Blue Oyster Cult albums captured my imagination because they were so off the wall -- where's the band? Who the hell are these guys? What's all this M.C. Escher-on-acid black and white weirdness??? Zeppelin's In Through The Out Door was cool just because of the brown paper bag wrapper. And Traffic's Low Spark of High Heeled Boys album stands out in my mind, too.

Good stuff!
Posted by: WhatFurrer

Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 10:47 AM

Well, if memory serves me right, my first vinyl album was either "The Beatles - Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band" or "Abbey Road".

Now if you want to get into which vinyl album I "heard" first...that may be more difficult...but it was probably the stories of Babar the Elephant set to the music of "Scheherazade" by Nicholai Rimsky-Korsakov. My Mom loved classical music and by a certain age growing up, I was able to pick out all the different instruments in any given piece of music of orchestral music. Not sure I can do that now, but to this day, "Scheherazade" IS my favorite piece of classical music.

Anyone else remember these? I believe they were on 78's.

Posted by: bigjohn

Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 10:53 AM

In reply to:

Zeppelin's In Through The Out Door

yes, zep was cool.. to me, the best zep cover was 'physical graffiti'. it had a picture of an old apartment building with all the windows open.. and in the album sleeve was a little piece of cardboard you could slide back and forth to 'change' the image of what was in each window. kinda like the old kids books that have 'sliders' on the pages.. anyway, i always thought that was the coolest ever.

and speaking of KISS and gibsons.. my buddy, that lives in austin and plays in a band, he is/was a HUGE KISS fan. he has a limited signature edition of an Ace Frehley gibson les paul special. one of only 500 made, and its signed by Ace himself. he cherishes it, and i have seen him take it out of its case only once. now, the whole concept of collecting stuff, but just keeping it locked up in a box, i honestly just dont understand. i mean, how do you get any pleasure from it if you never use it or even take it out of its box. but, he loves it, so thats all that matters.

BTW- his stage guitar of choice, is the Gibson SG/black.. inspired by ace, of course...

Posted by: mwc

Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 11:15 AM

I remember it just like it was yesterday. It was 1964 in very rural south Louisiana. I was 10 yrs. old and obsessed with the Beatles. I begged my mom for the money to purchase a "Beatles" album...any Beatles album, I didn't care I just had to have one. She agreed and we went to the store. I grabbed an album with an interesting cover and didn't even stop to read the cover, I just couldn't wait to get home an throw it on the platter.

The album was titled "Beatle Mania in the USA". I listened to that album for about two weeks before I realized that something wasn't right (remember I was only 10). The Beatles just didn't sound the same as they did on TV...very, very close but not quite right . It turned out that the album was not the real Beatles but an imitation group called the Liverpools. Upon my little epiphany that this was an "imitation", I remember feeling so hurt and like such a fool and very angry that someone would make a fake Beatles record and worse that I was such a dolt to buy it without checking the details. Had I paid even a little attention in the store it would have been obvious that this piece of crap was an imitation. These days I check every little detail on the cover before I purchase a CD or even a DVD.

That same album today brings $115.00 on the collectors market. Do I wish I still had it? Hell no! I'm still pissed about my "imitation artist" experience.
Posted by: dmn23

Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 11:25 AM

I'd never heard about this! That's hilarious! I feel your pain.

I got my first Beatles album when my dad was stationed in Germany -- I didn't know which one to get, so I bought some "Greatest Hits" collection that was a German pressing. It was all early Beatles, and mostly R&B covers. Seems like I remember some Phil Spector-type song on there -- maybe "Please Mr. Postman"? About the only thing I recognized was "She Loves You". It wasn't until much later that I started picking up digging into their "real" catalog.
Posted by: bigjohn

Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 11:27 AM

its not everyday that people make $115.00 'mistakes'..

but, i feel your pain too.. watch out for those scorned 10 year olds!!


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Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 11:43 AM

It really was painful at the time. Looking back on the experience now, it was a valuable lesson learned.
Posted by: mace

Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 12:26 PM

Derek and the Dominos-Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs
Posted by: jorge016

Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 12:32 PM

It was 1971, Ortonville, MN in a Ben Franklin dime store. (anyone remember those), The album was The Best of the Jackson Five. I'd seen them on American Bandstand.

The first album that made my parents cringe and shook the vase and candy jar off the Montgomery Wards stereo console was Led Zep "Physical Graffiti". That one still sounds good today.
Posted by: spiffnme

Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 12:37 PM

In reply to:

I have diverted my attention from your and Ray's hipnotic money spending spell.

I on the other hand keep gazing into yours thinking..."oooh...pretty...must buy..."

Posted by: PaulM

Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 12:41 PM

I think my favourite cool and dark album cover early on was Black Sabbath's self titled first album. I loved the look of the green skinned witch in the yard of the derelict house. The first song just added to the whole feel of it by starting out with pouring rain and big claps of thunder before Ozzy broke in with song.

Another favorite a little later in Junior High were Yes album covers. The Dune or Lord of the Rings, drug culture look timed perfectly with what I was experimenting with.

Posted by: sidvicious02

Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 12:42 PM

I don't recall really owning any cassettes - pretty much everything I had was borrowed, handed down, or mix tapes from radio/borrowed tapes.

Now CDs, I do remember. Both Pearl Jam - Ten and Vs were the first two albums I owned. Soon after, I seem to recall adding Nirvana - Nevermind and Counting Crows - August and Everything After (which I later trading with a friend for Oasis - What's the Story Morning Glory).

Posted by: James_T

Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 12:44 PM

Wow John. You just listed of at least 1/2 of my childhood music list. What about Metallica? Ride the Lightning? Master of Puppets? I remember sitting in my car before school listening to peace sells but whose buying. You know you can hear Dave's voice right now singing those words!
Then there was "All I want is a Pepsi" and "I saw your mommy." Those were some of the first songs my parents were 'worried' about. And I bought WASP Inside the Electric Circus because of the PMRC warnings. That sticks out for me like "catsup is a vegetable." Oh, growing up in the 80s...

Posted by: bigjohn

Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 12:59 PM

yea, i thought 'kill 'em all' and 'ride the lightening' were the most bad-a$$, awesome albums i had ever heard.. thats when a buddy of mine turned me onto slayer, and the whole speed, death metal phase just jumped to a new level. thats why i love some of the early motorhead stuff.. it is a curious blend of speed metal, mixed with british punk. and lemy just seemed like a demonic warlord, with his whiskey growl, and bass thunder.. i still love that stuff for long road trips.. needless to say, my wife doesnt care or it!!

Posted by: spiffnme

Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 01:21 PM

oooooh....Iron Maiden. Hated the music, LOVED the album covers.

Posted by: bigjohn

Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 01:35 PM

i had a 3x5 foot tapestry(remember those?) of that 'Killers' album cover tacked on the ceiling above my bed.. so i opened my eyes to that bloody axe every morning.. ah, the memories...

i really think i scared my parents, but to their credit, they never really tried to restrict me much. my mom HATED that tapestry, but dad just thought it was stupid.

BTW- i still think Number of the Beast is the best maiden cover ever. theres all kinds of demons and evil things going on inside the flames on the bottom of the cover.

Posted by: SirQuack

Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 04:43 PM

K-tel "The car went beep beep beep, while riding in my cadillac, much to my suprise......"
Posted by: pmbuko

Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 05:38 PM

Hey buddy, how do I get this car .. out .. of .. sec .. ond .. geeeeeeeeear!
Posted by: RickF

Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 05:46 PM

In reply to:

Hey buddy, how do I get this car .. out .. of .. sec .. ond .. geeeeeeeeear!

I was considered 'uppity' '70's something tan Pinto station wagon (borrowed from Mom!) had an automatic. What a chick magnet that thing was!
Posted by: WhatFurrer

Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 05:50 PM

As long as it did not explode...

We had two in our family at one time...both 4 speeds though.

"Napalm on Wheels..." How's that for engineering for ya?

Along with the green '72 Ford Maverick with three on the about a chick magnet...

Posted by: bridgman

Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 08:40 PM

Whoops, Edited :

Album #1 -- Meddle -- Pink Floyd

Album #2 -- Electronic Realizations for Rock Orchestra -- Synergy (Larry Fast)

Album #3 -- forget the title (spaceman/earth something -- Rick Wakeman

Album #4 -- Brain Salad Surgery -- Emerson Lake & Palmer

Scarred for life...
Posted by: MarkSJohnson

Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 10:06 PM

I had Rick Wakeman's "Journey to the Center of the Earth" as an early (and well-liked) album. Is that what you're thinking of?
Posted by: bridgman

Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 10:28 PM

I think it was the one after Journey... actually that was the album I was looking for but the store was out of stock so I got the next one...

<hold on, this is stupid, it's not like I don't know how to use Google, just feeling lazy>

Ahh, here we go. "No Earthly Connection". Six Wives, Journey, Court of.. , No Earthly..., White Rock...
Posted by: SirQuack

Re: your very first album - 04/20/05 10:55 PM

Brotherbob, how funny, my first car was my mom's 78 Ford Pinto Wagon. It was brown with the wood grain panels on the outside, and the gold plade seats. But I tell ya, with my Pioneer 6 x 9's and JVC deck with Tancredi equilizer booster, I was the $hit. Actually once I got my 81 Camaro, then I was the $hit. memories, how awesome they are....
Posted by: PaulM

Re: your very first album - 04/21/05 01:59 AM

My first car was a 1968 Ford Cyclone with a 289 in it. Kinda of looked like a Javelin. It was a cool car. They only made them for 3 years. Bought it in 1979 and cost me the princely sum of $125. I sold it 8 months later (it was starting to die) and replaced it with a humungous 1968 4-door Dodge Polaris for $175. It was a land yacht with standard brakes and standard steering. The steering wheel as the size of a buses and it was a female dog to turn when going slow (armstrong steering). Another 8 months later (and 2 days before Christmas) I blew the engine while driving the TransCanada highway about 18 hours into a 42 hour round-the-clock drive home to Toronto from Edmonton. It was about -28 degrees celcius out and I had to walk a mile in the prairie winds to a phone (no cellphones back then), called a cab, walked back, waited, piled my stuff into the cab, pulled the plates off the car, left the vehicle on the side of the highway, got a lift to the Winnipeg train station and pulled into Toronto train station late Christmas eve.

I didn't buy another car for 4 years. But I sure learned a lot about how to repair old junkers.
Posted by: donjuanmiguel

Re: your very first album - 04/21/05 07:49 AM

Wow, just now stumbled upon this thread and enjoyed reading all the posts. There are some great albums listed and it just goes to show Axiom owners are a divers group.

The very first album I owned was a gift from my brother. Looking back on it now I'm not sure if it was a joke or not. It was Cruisin' by The Village People given to me for my 10th birthday. Man, I can remember practicing my moves to YMCA. The very first album I ever bought was Kiss' self title album. Cold Gin is still one of my favorites.
Posted by: BrenR

Re: your very first album - 04/21/05 08:02 PM

I think I actually owned a cassette before an LP, oddly enough.

Mid-80s when you start working and having your own cash to buy stuff, the Walkman was king.

I think the first album I actually bought myself, with my own money - that I worked for - not got in my Christmas card or anything - would have been Ozzy Osbourne - Speak of the Devil.

Bren R.
Posted by: tomtuttle

Re: your very first album - 04/21/05 11:38 PM

First LP I remember being interested in - CCR, Cosmo's Factory (older sister).

First LP I remember asking for and getting - some Partridge Family monstrosity.

First LP I remember buying for myself and loving dearly - Supertramp, Crime of the Century. Just listened to the CD the other night. Still genius.