Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by: bray

Happy Thanksgiving! - 11/22/05 09:00 PM

Before I get out of town tomorrow I wanted to wish everyone a very Happy and safe Thanksgiving.
I'm heading for "somewhere" in Oklahoma. My brother converted and old barn into a house and wants the whole family there, however the directions are a little iffy. The last 15 miles sound like a challenge.
"Go 4 miles north on a paved rd then west 2.4 miles on a gravel rd which turns to dirt then 2 miles south on a dirt rd that turns into a gravel rd then left on a dirt rd that splits at 2.3 miles take the dirt split and not the gravel split and at that point you are 5.5 miles from my driveway."

None of these roads have names.
Posted by: SirQuack

Re: Happy Thanksgiving! - 11/22/05 09:01 PM

follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road...

Have a great Turkey Day to you also Bray, and everyone else...Randy

Posted by: Sutter Cane

Re: Happy Thanksgiving! - 11/22/05 09:15 PM

Yes, everyone have a Happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Posted by: richeydog

Re: Happy Thanksgiving! - 11/22/05 09:17 PM

Bray, make sure you bring plenty of water on this journey.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Posted by: MarkSJohnson

Re: Happy Thanksgiving! - 11/22/05 09:23 PM

and beer.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

And, from one who never says stuff like this: Take a moment to think of how fortunate you are. Even when things seems bad, there are many people who wish they had your good fortune.
Posted by: bugbitten

Re: Happy Thanksgiving! - 11/22/05 10:23 PM

In reply to:

and beer

I prefer a good Pinot Noir with my deep fried turkey.

Posted by: JohnK

Re: Happy Thanksgiving! - 11/22/05 10:27 PM

Brady, Happy Thankgiving to you and all.
Posted by: St_PatGuy

Re: Happy Thanksgiving! - 11/22/05 11:49 PM

Let me say that this will be the first time in 12 years I won't be working in retail over the holidays. I can't tell you how excited I am to have a four day weekend coming up. No more Black Fridays. . .

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Legal disclaimer--In no way do I mean to offend anyone still working in retail. A job is a job, and everyone needs to make a living.
Posted by: RickF

Re: Happy Thanksgiving! - 11/23/05 01:53 AM

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well Bray! Good luck with your trip to Oklahoma, if it's anywhere near a little town called Holdenville stop in and have a turkey leg and some pie with a couple of my family members and friends...they'd be happy to have you!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!
Posted by: F107plus5

Re: Happy Thanksgiving! - 11/23/05 08:49 AM

Yes!!....Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

And imagine how we would talk to an original(1600s)feast sitter.

How would we explain warming stuff up in a microwave?

Or taking a jet to Grandmas'?

Or at the very least; talkin' to Grandma on the picture/cell phone?

Or watching a football game on widescreen in surround sound?

Or what we can do with "leftovers"?

Or researching our ancestors(looking for one of them, perhaps)on our home computers?

Or the fact that most ALL of our kids and Grandkids can be expected to grow all the way to adulthood?

And the list goes on, and on.

Yeah,.....guess we do have lots to be thankfull for, these days

Just think how folks 400 years from now would tell US about THEIR Thanksgiving
Posted by: Amie

Re: Happy Thanksgiving! - 11/23/05 11:13 AM

Bray, are you coming to our house for Thanksgiving? Those directions look awfully familiar!
Posted by: spiffnme

Re: Happy Thanksgiving! - 11/23/05 12:45 PM

Happy Eat Till You Hurt Day!

I'll be having dinner with the in-laws & family Thursday night, and then as is tradition, we'll be driving to Palm Springs to play in a tennis tournament.

It's our favorite tournament of the year, as PS is just a fun and relaxing place to hang out, so even if we crash out early, we'll be able to relax by the pool.

Oddly enough, I'm going into this tournament playing fairly well. Fingers crossed I'll at least get through a few rounds.

How many here ask for a bucket at the Turkey Day table?

"Bring me a bucket!"

Posted by: bugbitten

Re: Happy Thanksgiving! - 11/23/05 01:37 PM

Got a head start on Thanksgiving. My 3rd turkey is in the deep fryer. I like to halve to finished turkey and vacuum seal each half. Tomorrow everybodys turkey just has to be warmed up in some hot water. One more today and 2 more tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!
Posted by: pmbuko

Re: Happy Thanksgiving! - 11/23/05 02:45 PM

Thanksgiving is for the Mr Creosote in all of us.

Ah, good afternoon, sir, and how are we today?



Better get a bucket. I'm going to throw up.

Uh, Gaston! A bucket for monsieur.
Posted by: pmbuko

Re: Happy Thanksgiving! - 11/23/05 02:55 PM

We rented a vacation home on the river in Guerneville, CA (Russian River wine region) and are spending it with most of my siblings (3 out of 4), my sister's family (husband and 2 kids), wife's parents, wife's sister + fiancee, wife's cousin + boyfriend. And an assortment of dogs.

My sister has done most of the cooking in advance, or is doing it now, so when we all show up at the place tomorrow at noon, we'll just have to do the finishing touches. Then Friday and Saturday we'll be hitting a bunch of wineries. I have to stock up on wine since it's not easy to get CA wines in Virginia. Damn shipping restrictions (grumble grumble...).
Posted by: SirQuack

Re: Happy Thanksgiving! - 11/23/05 04:27 PM

I can't eat another bite, it is just a thin wafer mint sir....
Posted by: sidvicious02

Re: Happy Thanksgiving! - 11/24/05 03:25 PM

I'll pass on my Happy Thanksgiving wishes to our southerly brethren...and enjoy those football games. Should be a great p.m. game today - Broncs @ Cowboys. Hopefully better than the afternoon game at least...

Football on Thursday now that's a tradition i like!