Lemon Law California

Posted by: Tharkun

Lemon Law California - 11/23/05 02:45 PM

Just thoguht I would let people know that the Lemon Law for autos can work, if you are persistant and don't let the dealler bs ya. The 2004 Z that we have had for a year has had to many problems, and the dealer that does the work is not very competent. So after the latest several weeks of attempts at making repairs, I decided I was done with trying to work with that dealer.
I had talked with a lemon law lawyer, and if I wanted to force the issue, I had a good case and would most likely win. So yesterday when I took the Frontier in for its first service, decdied to talk with the manager and my sales person at this dealer ship. To make a long story short, we came to agreement that I was happy with, so it took most of the day, but eventually I drove home a 2006 Z, and late last night, took the 2004 over and left it for them.
Between corporate and the dealer, they decided it was better to work a deal than go to court. Here are a few pics of the new toy, and weather is still good, so drove the 60 miles back home with the top down at 6pm in rush hour traffic.

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Re: Lemon Law California - 11/23/05 02:57 PM

I hate you. In a good way.
Posted by: Tharkun

Re: Lemon Law California - 11/23/05 03:01 PM

Well I now have an west bay Nissan dealer that does not really like me now either. Seems corporate has opened a file on me and is doing some investagating into the dealers services.
Posted by: SirQuack

Re: Lemon Law California - 11/23/05 03:11 PM

Dang you Dennis, here I am wanting a new sub, and you go and get one of my favorite cars. You know I used to have a 280ZX, and would love your current ride. To Cool
Posted by: Tharkun

Re: Lemon Law California - 11/23/05 03:17 PM

Actually the exchange has worked to our advantage, wanted the roadster convertible, but it was years end and none were avaialbe, so settled for the roadster hard top. Also this 2006 color is a limited eddition color, so perhaps we will be lucky and not have many in the area. Down side is it will be parked in the garage till next week, taking off up the coast for the 3 days, and since the Z is only good for two people and may be a bag of groceries, will be taking the Frontier crew cab. Would be a good trip in the Z if it could work.
If ya get out to the west, ya can take it for a drive, only have a few days out of the year that it won't be driven, its not leaving the garage if its raining. lol
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Re: Lemon Law California - 11/23/05 03:35 PM

My old '76 280Z was probably the best car I ever owned.

Really nice ride, Dennis, and I'm glad you decided to step up and do something about it. There are plenty of people in similar situations who would avoid the confrontation, curse Nissan and remain miserable for their period of ownership. Good for you!
Posted by: Amie

Re: Lemon Law California - 11/23/05 04:06 PM

Beautiful! Is that a wind guard between the back headrests? Ian won't let me ride around with the windows up on the side (he has never experienced thousands of hairs whipping his face and eyes) but something in the back seems like it would cut down on a lot of the cross-breeze issues.
Posted by: tomtuttle

Re: Lemon Law California - 11/23/05 04:25 PM

Amie, whenever we see a wonderful car like that one, my wife always tells me (accurately) that she would look great in it. I'm sure you would, too.

Dennis, that is a beautiful car.

Posted by: oldskoolboarder

Re: Lemon Law California - 11/23/05 04:25 PM

Stunning. I dig it!
Posted by: MarkSJohnson

Re: Lemon Law California - 11/23/05 04:35 PM

Sweet Ride!
Posted by: Ajax

Re: Lemon Law California - 11/23/05 04:42 PM

I think I'm gonna cry! I LOVE that color. WOW!
Posted by: spiffnme

Re: Lemon Law California - 11/23/05 04:51 PM

Is there no end to the toys you own?

Yes, I'm jealous.

Posted by: SirQuack

Re: Lemon Law California - 11/23/05 05:03 PM

There was a day when I had all the toys, before I got married, had two kids, and built a new home.....Oh wait a minute, over the last year I've spent over 6 grand on new AV stuff, I guess I should try for a Z next...

Actually, I am still hoping that the Camaro will be reintroduced for 2007 as the 40th anniversary, I would be all over that...
Posted by: Tharkun

Re: Lemon Law California - 11/23/05 05:23 PM

Thanks for all of the good thoughts, and yes the glass window in the rear does help with the air issue. As for convertibles, this is one of the best I have had, even with the windows down and going 70, its not bad . I like the way they have done the top, takes 23 seconds to open or close fully and only one center latch.
Still has the same Bose system as the 04 model, but added some more speakers, seven total now, this sytstem seems to have much more base, so may just live with it and not try to improve upon it. The 06 has a bit more horse power, 300 with the stick, and 287 for auto. So now we can go faster to get to where the traffic jams are at. lol
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Re: Lemon Law California - 11/23/05 05:42 PM

If any one is interested, will take and post a few pics of the other new toy added two months ago, my bike is very close to the color of the Z. Both of which will be a pain to keep clean and dust free, here in the valley one can deatail a car, leave it sit for a few hours, and it has a nice light coat of dust. Bike is not as bad since I keep the cover on it, which helps.
The above is a reason for wanting W3s in the garage, spend much time out there, and also can share the sound with neighbors. <g>
Posted by: RickF

Re: Lemon Law California - 11/24/05 06:48 AM

Awesome ride Dennis, absolutely gorgeous color. I bet your behind really feels like it's dragging the pavement in that beaut! I really love the personalized license plate ... "I'm the *other* brother Darrell" or 'Dennis' in your case.

BTW Tell your neighbor his truck looks identical to mine, hey wait a minute here. Why that thieving bas... person!
Posted by: Tharkun

Re: Lemon Law California - 11/24/05 11:32 AM

Actually ther personalized plate for the Z is "NUMENOR", takes about 6 to 8 weeks before we have the tabs and can legally put the plate on the car. As for the neighbor, that one moved in about a year ago and has a grandfather that won a lottery. So he gets money from him for his toys and has become to be the most disliked family on our block. Does as he likes and feels he is beyond the Community rules and regulations that the other 149 of us live by.
Posted by: St_PatGuy

Re: Lemon Law California - 11/24/05 11:51 AM

Dennis, I am sufficiently jealous. That is a very nice looking car. Love the interior layout. What I love about the Z is that it is tantalizingly close to being an affordable performance car (but wasn't that what the original Z was all about?).

Now, if only Ford could do the same thing for the GT40. . .
Posted by: Tharkun

Re: Lemon Law California - 11/24/05 01:40 PM

I took the 04 Mustang GT in for service last week and they had a GT40 on the showroom floor. They were only makrking it up $80k over sticker, so was asking $ 246k, that makes the Z look very inexpensive.

I think this is my 4th of the Z line, the first was a Datsun 1969 Fairlady 2000, paid like $1,800 if I remember correctly. Have had a 260z and a 280z, missed out on the 300 series. lol
Posted by: Rock_Head

Re: Lemon Law California - 11/25/05 03:04 PM

That is a beautiful car! I told my wife that a 350Z would be my birthday present when I turn the big 5 zero. (hope they are still making them then). All this talk about old Datsun's is bringing back memories of my 1971 Datsun 240Z. Enjoy your ride!
Posted by: Ken.C

Re: Lemon Law California - 11/29/05 11:53 PM

I think the lesson we all can take from this is this: Don't piss off Dennis.

Congrats on the really, really nice set o' wheels, man.
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Re: Lemon Law California - 11/30/05 10:41 AM

Well the new Z is still parked in the garage waiting for the 3m Invisible paint protection. Becasue of the holiday, and now the trip to Axiom, could not schedule a date till early next week. The installation will be done here at home and I want to be there well its being done, then on the Dec 7th it goes back to the dealer for a day for the installation of the LoJack, then it will be ready to start driving.

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