calibration disk

Posted by: zest

calibration disk - 04/15/06 08:32 PM

does anyone know of a calibration disk that can be downloaded from the net for free, my 3 year old just used my avia disk as a frizbee before i really got a chance to use it
Posted by: Paul350Z

Re: calibration disk - 04/16/06 12:13 AM

Yikes ... the Avia disk is all copywrited and is several gigabytes in size. I would try sending it back and ask for a new copy (of the disk not the daughter). They might hit you for shipping and handling if you wrote them a good letter.
Posted by: INANE

Re: calibration disk - 04/16/06 01:17 AM

Just curious... has there been an updated version of that disk? Or any others? Last time I checked it seemed like all those calibration disk's were made several years ago.
Posted by: SirQuack

Re: calibration disk - 04/16/06 09:52 AM

I had heard a rumor over on AVS that later this year AVIA was coming out with a new DVD, only time will tell. I recently purchased Diskwashers Home Theater Setup disk and it worked pretty well for under 10bucks from parts express. I also use the THX stuff to help.
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Re: calibration disk - 04/16/06 11:43 AM

I don't think Avia has updated, so with todays new HDTV's they are really best only for the audio portion.
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Re: calibration disk - 04/16/06 11:54 AM

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I also use the THX stuff to help

I usually keep a dvd with THX tests on it close at hand to play with the toys.
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Re: calibration disk - 04/16/06 12:13 PM

forgot all about the thx test on some disks
thanks again
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Re: calibration disk - 04/17/06 12:38 AM

I thought I read somewhere on those THX setups not to rely on them for level adjustments.
Posted by: SirQuack

Re: calibration disk - 04/17/06 11:22 AM

Yes, I think the THX stuff is pretty good for color/contrast/etc... but sound levels I would use an SPL meter and the AVR's test tones.


Posted by: newkid2005

Re: calibration disk - 04/17/06 11:48 AM

is there any other disc available in the market which covers both audio and video ??
Posted by: ratpack

Re: calibration disk - 04/17/06 12:56 PM

I would second Paul's suggestion of sending it back. I strongly suspect that your situation is not really all that unique.
Posted by: n8wrl

Re: calibration disk - 04/17/06 02:33 PM

I can recommend both Sound & Vision's ( and DVE ( are both very good. DVE more technical and more calibration options.

Posted by: bugbitten

Re: calibration disk - 04/17/06 03:54 PM


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Re: calibration disk - 04/17/06 04:59 PM

Is sound and vision that same disk as Avia? I believe they are both made by ovation.
Posted by: Ajax

Re: calibration disk - 04/17/06 06:33 PM

Sound & Vision has been described as a simplified version of Avia.

Sound & Vision Home Theater Tune-Up

The Sound & Vision disc is made by Ovation, the people who brought us Avia. Targeted at the HT beginner, S&V was designed to be sold to the budget-conscious dabbler looking to run basic system tests without investing in a full $40-50 disc. Very simple, many of the tests of Avia are removed, easy navigation, simple instructions- but lacking in more advanced tests and calibration tools.

It's important to note that S&V came out well after Avia, and has newer tests Avia does not offer such as 6.1 related tests.

It is cheaper, it is less in depth, and it is easy to navigate. It does have some basic information about HT methodology, like Avia it is well written and easy to understand!

S&V PROS: S&V is cheaper and easier to navigate. Some higher-end and redundant tests of Avia have been removed in favor of simplified navigation and basic tests targeted at the average user. It really is the opposite of DVE in terms of scope and audience- and as a result ends up with a much more "average user" feel than DVE offers.

It's made by the same people who did Avia, so it is well laid out and well explained-- and the tests are accurate.

S&V CONS: Like most things, when you add user friendliness, you sacrifice power. S&V is very simple, has only the basic video and audio tests and only limited HT discussion and information. It really should be seen as Avia-Lite (slightly updated due to more recent release of course).

Posted by: ChicagoTC

Re: calibration disk - 04/18/06 11:01 AM

Thank you, so since I already have Avia and only running 5.1 it doesn't make any sense to look at this. Maybe I'm missing something but does Avia have a "dedicate" sub test tone? All I've found is the one that switches between each speaker and the sub.
Posted by: Ajax

Re: calibration disk - 04/18/06 11:52 AM

I don't really know. I use Digital Video Essentials (DVE) which has it's own sub signal problems. I end up using the test tone outa my receiver to adjust my sub.
Posted by: newkid2005

Re: calibration disk - 04/18/06 01:06 PM

i think the 600 is the most difficult one to calibrate.......i have tried numerous times with auto calibration (since i am not too familiar with the spl meter) and have failed each time.......