Digital signal from TV to Denon..

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Digital signal from TV to Denon.. - 11/11/02 09:13 PM

I just posted the same question in Stereo.. I just got my new Mitsubishi WS 65711 and have one little problem.. I am not able to get the digital audio from the set to the Denon 3802 to work ? Not to be confused with the DVD audio, this is the digital audio signal derived from the t/v's digital reciever itself.. There is a digital audio out on the back of the TV, and I have run the supplied cable from there to the digital 'IN' on the back of the Denon.. No sound ? Does anyone know the combo on the tv and/or 3802 to unlock this signal ?
Other than that, the picture is just beyond belief.. A dvd, combined with the full Axiom treatment just leaves me breathless.. ! I can't imagine EVER getting too much of this..
Photos for the Axiom wall o' Fame to follow soon.. Believe you me, without that sound, my new Mits would be a hollow victory..
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Re: Digital signal from TV to Denon.. - 11/12/02 08:01 AM


What is the source into the TV, is the Sat/cable hooked up to the TV? You may also find that if you have not already done so that you have to turn on/select digital out in the Mits setup functions.

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Re: Digital signal from TV to Denon.. - 11/12/02 03:21 PM

Start with easy stuff first. Go into the TV menu's and look through the audio sections. You want Digital, not PCM. Maybe you have to enable the SPDIF out. Then, note the label on the digital in for the Denon. There are 4 coax SPDIF in's on that model if memory serves, each marked something different (TV, DVD, etc I would assume). Make sure the Denon is set to output the signal on whatever label you have that cable going into.

Does the Denon work with outher sources?
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Re: Digital signal from TV to Denon.. - 11/12/02 06:20 PM

In addition to making sure you've enabled the digital output in the TV's menu, you also have to assign the digital input in the Denon setup menu. I don't remember the exact procedure for doing this since I don't own a Denon anymore, but it should be pretty easy to figure out once you get into the setup menus.
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Re: Digital signal from TV to Denon.. - 11/12/02 09:37 PM

Thanks for the info everyone.. I'll give it a go again tonight.. I have the Denon and DVD player working, and I have a hard time getting myself to work on setting up the other options.. It's just too hard to turn the movie off, when it looks and sounds soooooo GREAT !!
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Re: Digital signal from TV to Denon.. - 01/13/03 12:54 AM


My Mits 65511 sends a digital signal fine -- but only when coming from a HD source. I have an antenna plugged into the internal HD tuner, and when I'm using that tuner, it sends a digital signal out.