M22ti review!!

Posted by: Steve

M22ti review!! - 11/15/01 05:11 PM


Posted by: Dave

Re: M22ti review, and a question for Ian... - 11/16/01 06:37 AM

Congratulations on another enthusiastic review; you must be quite pleased. Question(s) for Ian, re: the M22s: has there been more than one version of this comparitively new speaker? That is to say, an SE and a non-SE version? And what of the rest of the line? Are SE versions forthcoming, if not already available? Thanks for your time, sir. Cheers!


Posted by: Ian

Re: M22ti review, and a question for Ian... - 11/16/01 06:46 PM

All of the models are changing to an SE version. There is technically no difference between the two versions. Cosmetically we changed the front edge to a small angle from a small round and changed the style of the Axiom logo. The main reason for calling these small changes SE was that the floor standing models are packaged singularly and we did not want someone to get one of each in their pair of speakers.

Ian Colquhoun
President & Chief Engineer