Axiom m80 vs. Paradigm Studio 60.

Posted by: Bart

Axiom m80 vs. Paradigm Studio 60. - 01/03/08 02:14 AM

really need an opinion. I listened to the Paradigm studio 60 and was impressed with their imaging and detail. I have also been hearing alot of good things about the Axiom m80. I can't find a place to audition the m80, so Im trying to get an opinion of which may be better for me. The m80 is substantially cheaper then the studio 60 and has me leaning toward it. I need something for mainly Home Theatre. I want something that sounds powerfull and detailed when cranked to high volumes. I like my movies and music loud!

To people who have auditioned both, what would you recommend and why? Axiom seems to be the best bang for your buck in Canadian audio. The prices dropped a lot since they went online only.

1300.00 for the M80 v2
about 1700.00 for studio 60 v3

I will then eventually build a 5.1 system around the mains. For a sub I will go with an SVS or HSU.

I know this is an Axiom forum but hopefully I can get some honest answers. Thanks guys.
Posted by: jakewash

Re: Axiom m80 vs. Paradigm Studio 60. - 01/03/08 03:06 AM

I have A/B'd Monitor 11 v3 to the M80s and the M80s are more detailed and the bass was a tad bit smoother, but the overall sound was very similar. I have heard the Studio 60 on their own and I would say the M80 detail and smoothness is in the studio series but for less money. Now if you go for the Vasollo series Axioms to get the real wood veneer like other top end speakers, then the price difference is not there and you have very little to go on but style and name(and size differences, the Studio 60's are a few inches taller).

To find an audition, look in the hearing things forum and check out the stickied thread at the beginning for someone nearby, then send them a PM or send Amie an Email to see if she knows of someone nearby that might not be on the list.

Good luck
Studio 60's for $1700 is a really good price.
Posted by: Murph

Re: Axiom m80 vs. Paradigm Studio 60. - 01/03/08 12:32 PM

Hi and Welcome Bart,

I also A/B'd M60s against my buddies almost new Paradigm Studios within a month of buying my Axioms. They are indeed very, very similar sounding. My buddy and I tried to fool each other by blindly switching the cables for the other as best we could. It took us several tries before we could start to accurately identify one from the other. I'd like to try this again some time now that I am a bit better informed about what to listen for.

In any case, I think you won't go wrong with either set. The only conclusive thing we determined from our listening test is that my buddy was disappointed that he could have had the same sound for less money. However, he is very happy with what he has, as am I.
Posted by: Bart

Re: Axiom m80 vs. Paradigm Studio 60. - 01/03/08 12:52 PM

thanks guys. Wow, Axiom has a nice community going here. Bodes well for their product when so many people continue to support them.
Posted by: doormat

Re: Axiom m80 vs. Paradigm Studio 60. - 01/03/08 03:54 PM

I have the Monitor 11v5 which sound great (though haven't heard the Studios) and have listened to the M80s (a couple days and a province apart). They also sound great. Fortunately for my wallet, I didn't really pick up on much that would make me think I made a horrible mistake (as I got the Mon11s for about $400 less, take home same day) but the fact that the Axioms are dedicated 3 way as opposed to the Paradigms shared 2 1/2 way may lead to better midrange over the long haul (based on no real personal research, just by looking at 'em. What the heck do I know about speaker design?). So, the Scot in me says when two speakers are this close, go for the cheaper one (the patient also get a crack at the discount outlet prices)!

Also, for wimps like me, the M80 is 15 lbs lighter.
Posted by: SirQuack

Re: Axiom m80 vs. Paradigm Studio 60. - 01/03/08 08:28 PM

Welcome Bart,

There have been many threads started on the Paradigm vs Axiom comparison. The general concensus is that the Axioms are overall better than the monitor series and equal or better than the studio line up.

Years ago when I was looking for speakers I auditioned locally some Paradigm Monitor floorstanding speakers (can't remember the model) which were supposed to be similar to the m60's. In my opinion the m60's were superior in most categories. I then tried the same model but from the Studio line up and thought it was a much closer comparison.

I also auditioned B&W 703's ($$$$) and also gave the edge to the m60's. I currently own m80's and they are awesome, but the 60's are no slouch.

Where do you live, we may know someone that is in your area?
Posted by: Mojo

Re: Axiom m80 vs. Paradigm Studio 60. - 01/04/08 05:36 PM


I listened to the 11s with jakewash. You won't go wrong with either. I advise you to look at the aesthetics between the two. You may not like the Paradigms naked. Most people I talk with like the aesthetics of the Axiom better clothed and naked.

For what it's worth, the 80s have changed my life. They are an incredibly refined speaker with the capability of playing very loud.
Posted by: Bart

Re: Axiom m80 vs. Paradigm Studio 60. - 01/04/08 10:06 PM

Thanks. I was also auditioning some Polk RTi a9's and the Energy RC70. I didn't really like the sound of the polk. The Energy sounded very nice. How would you compare the sound from the M80 to the RC 70. I really liked how the energy handled detail, and the midrange and bass were light years ahead of the polk. The reason I bring up the Energy is that I can get RC 70 for about the same price as the M80. I can also get the Polk LSi15 for less at 1000.00 because of a friend who works at Futureshop. I know the Polk LSi is using different tweeters and is supposed to be much better then the RTi line.
Posted by: SirQuack

Re: Axiom m80 vs. Paradigm Studio 60. - 01/04/08 10:45 PM

If you use the search tool and search for "energy" in the subject line only, for the past few years, there are many threads comparing Energy to Axiom.

Below is one recent example comparing 80's to RC70s.