11.2 Surround Sound

Posted by: nickbuol

11.2 Surround Sound - 01/17/09 12:53 AM

So what is the deal? Yamaha (and I am sure others too) has a receiver that will output to 11.2 with an "ideal" setup consisting of 11 discrete speakers and then 2 subs.

You may recall 5.1 is:

Front Left
Front Right
Surround Left
Surround Right

7.1 adds:
Left Rear
Right Rear

11.2 adds:
Front Left "Presence"
Front Right "Presence"
Rear Left "Presence"
Rear Right "Presence"
Second LFE (one is for the "right" and the other for the "left")

I can't imagine why anyone would need 11.2 since so little seems to be recorded as anything more than 5.1 right now.

So what gives?

Posted by: CV

Re: 11.2 Surround Sound - 01/17/09 12:59 AM

I would be interested in hearing that setup. I'm not sure how dramatic a difference it is, but it would be worth listening to. I think I'd go for 4 subwoofer outputs before presence speakers, though.
Posted by: Ken.C

Re: 11.2 Surround Sound - 01/17/09 01:25 AM

I think the presence speakers are to add height to the sound reproduction. That said, *&!$ that &*@$.
Posted by: jakewash

Re: 11.2 Surround Sound - 01/17/09 05:57 AM

More height and just more sound all over for really big rooms I would think. I couldn't get any more speakers in my room than I have now..... well, once I fill up the space where the CRT sits with a nice big screen.

Yamaha Presence speakers explained

Posted by: Worfzara

Re: 11.2 Surround Sound - 01/17/09 06:37 AM

You know that Yamaha also makes and sell speakers. This could be a way for the company to increase speaker sales.

Posted by: medic8r

Re: 11.2 Surround Sound - 01/17/09 07:56 AM

Are they a subsidiary of Halliburton? ;\)