QS8 v2 on stands or wall mount?

Posted by: Bebop Tom

QS8 v2 on stands or wall mount? - 01/05/10 03:23 PM

I am on the fence regarding wall mounting my surrounds with the supplied brackets, or putting them on the Axiom stands that are made for them. The left surround would be less conspicuous sitting on a stand under a large framed picture (wife won't let me remove the picture) instead of mounting it on the wall at a higher height almost touching the left side of the picture. If I go with stands, the right surround would go behind a couch that is almost the height of the stand (36"), so I wonder if the lower woofer's output would be blocked by having a couch in front of it. If I wall-mount the right surround, it would be 5 ft high on a narrow wall next to windows (no flexibility on its position other than going even higher up the narrow wall, since there is a light switch keeping me from mounting it lower). In other words, wall-mounting at equal heights creates a visual issue with the left side, and using stands may create a blocking issue on the right. Any advice? Does the visual issue go away in time? I have 19' high ceilings, so is mounting higher better than using the 38" stands?
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Re: QS8 v2 on stands or wall mount? - 01/05/10 04:23 PM

I feel the visual issue goes away with time, much like I am already use to the 58" plasma, which i know will seem too small in my new house.

I would try the speakers in the spots you are suggesting and go with the ones that sound the best. You can use ladders, friends, etc. as temp stands to get an idea of which spot works \:\)
Posted by: Rock_Head

Re: QS8 v2 on stands or wall mount? - 01/05/10 04:43 PM

Greetings Bebop Tom,
I purchased the Axiom QS8 stands over a year ago. I have a big living room (25' x 20') and placed the QS8's behind a large sectional couch. Fortuantely, the height (bottom) of the QS8's are just at the top the the furniture. My wife has accepted the appearance and locations although she does make occassional comments The QS8's sound fabulous where they are!
Posted by: Hansang

Re: QS8 v2 on stands or wall mount? - 01/05/10 06:30 PM

My QS8's are on a the FMS stand. the "Axiom" label on the QS8 is about ear level and right next to my couch.

It sounds great!
Posted by: Adrian

Re: QS8 v2 on stands or wall mount? - 01/05/10 07:00 PM

Welcome Tom. Aside from the good advice already given, have you considered the ceiling mount brackets from Axiom? maybe they could open some other placement possibilities for you.
Posted by: SirQuack

Re: QS8 v2 on stands or wall mount? - 01/05/10 08:16 PM

Tom are you going for a 5.1 or 7.1 setup? For 7.1 you want the side surrounds to the "side" of the listening area, for 5.1 they can be slightly behind to give you the impression of 7.1. Ideally, you want them 2-3 ft above your ears or higher, this may not always be possible...
Posted by: Bebop Tom

Re: QS8 v2 on stands or wall mount? - 01/06/10 12:23 AM

It is a 5.1 setup. My room is big (25x22x19). I am leaning towards wall-mounting the right side approx five feet high and slightly behind the listener (I have no choice due to narrow wall next to sliding doors), and mounting the left side approx 4 feet high (under the picture) and either slightly behind ear level or directly to the side of the listener. I guess I could also use a stand on the right side and get it directly to the side of the listener (in front of sliding glass door, with the stand's legs hidden behind sectional couch), and wall mount the left at a similar height to avoid using a stand on that side (less visual issues by wall mounting). Decisions, decisions! I currently have them sitting on a half wall using the rubber feet that came with my M80s, just behind and slightly to the sides of the listening area. I do not like them so close to my ears. They get too overwhelming (my fronts and center are nearly 15 feet away). That is why I like the idea of putting them on the side walls and elevating them above ear level. Is it a problem having the surrounds wall mounted at slightly different heights? The left one will be six feet away from the closest listener, so hopefully the sound will be disbursed enough to not be able to tell that it is at a different height than the right side surround.
Posted by: JohnK

Re: QS8 v2 on stands or wall mount? - 01/06/10 01:08 AM

Tom, welcome. Slightly different heights for the surrounds(especially QSs)are no problem. Also, as Randy(sirquack)pointed out, in a 5.1 setup the side surrounds should be placed a little(maybe 2')farther back than directly to the side so that they lend a little more "phantom" back effect in the absence of actual back surround speakers.
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Re: QS8 v2 on stands or wall mount? - 01/11/10 12:36 PM

Wall placements were not really an option for me since my couch is placed directly against the back wall. Hence I am using the QS8 stands. I hardly ever notice the speakers anymore. They are just part of the decor now. Hit the link in my sig for a few pictures of what mine look like.
Posted by: RickF

Re: QS8 v2 on stands or wall mount? - 01/11/10 01:09 PM

Nice to see you again Shag!
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Re: QS8 v2 on stands or wall mount? - 01/14/10 01:52 PM

I have some QS8 stands that i am getting rid of if you are interested. I purchased a new home and I am moving to a wall mount now.