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Demo Material - 05/07/10 02:30 AM

I was perusing lists of movies with demo-worthy audio, and I came across a link to this nifty page:

Demo World - High-Definition Trailers

Great stuff!
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Re: Demo Material - 05/07/10 03:23 AM

Super sweet! \:D
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Re: Demo Material - 05/07/10 12:56 PM

I had tried looking for HD versions of the THX intros before, so I was glad to see some of them hosted somewhere. There's some other fun stuff, too. I wish more of them had lossless audio, but beggars can't be choosers.
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Re: Demo Material - 05/07/10 02:01 PM

Great website that is immediately bookmarked, i was looking for something like this
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Re: Demo Material - 05/08/10 01:24 AM

I ran into that link a few weeks ago as I've been following a thread on AVS (the only one I am following) where they have been looking to create their own Blu-Ray HD demo disc. It has been in the works for so long that someone posted the link to that site. Download speeds are reasonable and I am hoping to, if nothing else, have an AVCHD DVD of some trailers and such soon (no Blu-Ray burner for me).
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Re: Demo Material - 05/08/10 10:35 AM

Ha, I was just thinking about the same thing, compiling my own demo disc. Haven't had a chance to download any yet...what file format are they?
Posted by: Ya_basta

Re: Demo Material - 05/08/10 12:47 PM

They are .m2ts files. I'll need to convert them in order to play them on my WDTV.

I know there's a couple very good compilations available via torrents; just search DTS or THX etc.
Posted by: Ya_basta

Re: Demo Material - 05/08/10 02:07 PM

Anybody know of a converter that will keep the video and audio quality? I found one, but it converts the audio to stereo.

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Re: Demo Material - 05/08/10 02:28 PM

I use VideoReDo for my video editing. Well, it's just to remove commercials from shows that I record off of Hauppauge 1212 box. But it does a nice job for me.
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Re: Demo Material - 05/08/10 09:02 PM

As far as the clips, I've downloaded several. Highlights. The THX "Amazing Life" intro, but of course that wasn't new to me. Still, it's nice to be able to play it quickly as opposed to having to load up a BD with it on it. It works out my subs more than any of the other clips so far, which is fun. I liked the Philips "Formula 1" clip. Very sharp, short and sweet. As far as visuals, the Pioneer "KURO Best I" and Panasonic "Power of Light" clips made me appreciate my TV again, even though it's a few generations old now. I'm sure technology has improved, but I don't see TVs at the stores that are set up to show a better picture than what I'm seeing here at home.
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Re: Demo Material - 05/08/10 09:08 PM

Charles, what are you using to play the clips on your TV? None of my devices will accept that format.

Posted by: CV

Re: Demo Material - 05/08/10 10:05 PM

I have my computer hooked up to the TV right now. I play most of them with Windows Media Player but also use PowerDVD 10 for the ones with lossless audio. I can also stream them to my PS3, except I get no sound on the few with lossless audio. I don't know if I need to change a sound output setting on the PS3 or not. I haven't cared enough to find out.
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Re: Demo Material - 05/08/10 10:17 PM

The PS3 only supports any form of DTS, and Dolby lossless, when playing a BD or AVCHD. Otherwise it does play M2TS files. My TV even plays M2TS files with Dolby Digital audio straight from a USB stick or over the network.
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Re: Demo Material - 05/08/10 10:20 PM

Call me an idiot, but how do you download anything from that site? I've tried three different browswers...nothing.
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Re: Demo Material - 05/08/10 10:23 PM

You have to click on the part numbers, not the names. It took me a minute to see that, too.