end of my rope..

Posted by: mike romo

end of my rope.. - 05/21/10 02:50 AM

hi all..

So, I'm bummed. We've moved to a new place and I am rapidly realizing that my previous system can't really fit in my new living room arrangement. My mains are fine--front 3 and sub are all fine--it's just my surrounds that are a mess. I ordered custom FMS stands, but the base is too big and, well, they just don't fit at all.

My sofa is in a corner, which is bad enough, with the left hand wall about 2-4" away from the sofa. I have about 4-6" space between sofa and the wall, and on my right side...well..it's the freakin' fireplace. That doesn't work. I was going to put my M2's behind the sofa, but it just looks ridiculous. I can put the right surround speaker on the other side of the room (about 12-15' away) but I am stuck in this darn corner for my left surround.

I'm renting and wife doesn't want wires crawling up the walls to the curved ceiling, so the QS4's are not going to work.

I am looking at Orb speakers for surrounds but I was curious if you guys had any ideas for smallish surround speakers that can balance out my M60s and VT100 center speaker.

Any ideas would be awesome. ugh, I am so bummed. At least I can use my M2's upstairs...somehow...

(heavy sigh)
Posted by: jakewash

Re: end of my rope.. - 05/22/10 03:40 AM

Orbs are still wired are they not? What is the plan, I take it you are looking to put them on smaller stands then?

The QS4s will work with most stands that allow for a rear bolt into the back of a speaker and the QS4s are not as tall as the M2's
Posted by: CatBrat

Re: end of my rope.. - 05/22/10 09:57 AM

If possible to mount them on the wall, make 2 holes, one behind the speaker and one just above the baseboard, and run the wire inside the wall.
Posted by: Micah

Re: end of my rope.. - 05/22/10 02:28 PM

Well if conditions don't permit for the QS's then they don't permit. Since it sounds as if you're more concerned about looks/concealability than performance at this point, then I would say Orb would be your best bet. There are a few companies with wireless surround speakers, but as I'm on my phone right now I can't Google them.

Keep your QS's nicely boxed up for your next move. Having gotten used to the superior sound of your Axioms, you'll surely be on the market soon for a house with a more accomodating listening room!
Posted by: mike romo

Re: end of my rope.. - 05/24/10 09:02 PM

hey guys!

thanks for talking me off the ledge ;\)

After much consulting with the Finance Committee, I figured it out. We have a bookshelf way on the right hand side of the living room--I am going to put one speaker there. The left hand speaker is going to go on a shorter stand behind the left hand corner of the sofa.

It's not perfect, but it looks better and, after some tweaks with the Audyssey tuning on Denon 2808, it actually sounds just fine. Yes, the Surround Left is more localized than I would have liked, but it's not terrible and this way I get to stick with my Axiom M2's to use as my surrounds.

So far, so good! thanks for the suggestions, all. Eventually, one day, I will get the QS 4's...probably gonna have to move again before I can do that...ah well.

thanks again!
Posted by: mpyw

Re: end of my rope.. - 05/24/10 11:38 PM

Hi, Mike,
I have 4 Orbs as my surrounds, although I would like to have the QS8 but the Orbs are just too WAF friendly, many of my friends who came over does not notice the speakers, only when they heard sound coming from side/back then they start looking for it...

It does ok with my M60, play very loud too without distortion, just a bit short on the lower hz...