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Posted By: SatKartr Plasma Height Wall Install - 07/09/10 07:22 PM
Still leaning heavily toward installing the 58" plasma on the wall so that I can place the future vp180 on mopads on top of the glass HT table (where the tv currently sits) rather than on speaker stands. What do people feel about how high the plasma should be placed on the wall, e.g., eye level = bottom 1/3 of screen as per THX, or higher?
Posted By: ClubNeon Re: Plasma Height Wall Install - 07/09/10 07:29 PM
I just placed mine where it felt best (staring at a 50" piece of cardboard for a few days while waiting for the TV to arrive). I didn't even know of the THX recommendation, but yeah, my eyes are about level with the 1/3 up from the bottom of the screen.

I also have the TV tilted down a few degrees, that also seemed to help.
Posted By: CatBrat Re: Plasma Height Wall Install - 07/09/10 07:31 PM
Same here. Eye level with about bottom of 1/3 or middle, depending on where you're sitting.
Posted By: SatKartr Re: Plasma Height Wall Install - 07/09/10 08:47 PM
OK thanks guys, that seems to feel right to me as well.
Posted By: Joebob Re: Plasma Height Wall Install - 07/09/10 09:14 PM
I guess I am the odd man out. I have my plasma mounted so the the very bottom of the screen is at eye level when seated. I like it a bit higher than normal because I have recliners and I wear progressive lens glasses. When I am kicked back watching a movie, having the screen higher puts it in the sweet spot for my glasses. cool
Posted By: Jc Re: Plasma Height Wall Install - 07/09/10 09:29 PM
Hi jollo,

Have you slightly tilted down your plasma screen to approach the optimal viewing angle ?
Posted By: Joebob Re: Plasma Height Wall Install - 07/09/10 11:41 PM
Hello JC. I do have a tilting wall mount and it is tilted down slightly. The plasma is not real high on the wall, I just wanted it a little higher than normal because for me, it is a little more comfortable to look up and I wanted to leave room for the VP180 that I would like to get. grin
Posted By: Pitbull24 Re: Plasma Height Wall Install - 07/10/10 12:19 AM
You're not the only one Jollo. The tweets on my M80's and the vp180 are exactly ear level, which happens to be eye level fro me??? I mounted my plasma a little higher, so a cc would not block the screen. Ear/eye level in my recliner is 36", and the bottom of the screen is 44" off the ground. Not much of a pitch, but much higher than others are speaking of. It is perfect no matter what position I sit in. I would not mount one above a fireplace, or 6-7' off the ground, but I see no harm in going higher than 1/3 bottom of screen at eye level. I would recommend using a cardboard template to stare at for a while to see how comfortable you will be when mounted.
Posted By: SatKartr Re: Plasma Height Wall Install - 07/17/10 12:51 AM
Looking at my setup it seems you're right, when the vp180 comes the bottom of the plasma if wallmounted will be at or just below eye level.

To me it seems like that placement will still be fairly watchable and a better solution than a stand or wall mounting the vp180.

Or I could buy a different HT table that could accommodate the vp180 and plasma TV both.

Too many decisions, I think wallmounting the plasma up a bit high is what I want.
Posted By: Ray3 Re: Plasma Height Wall Install - 07/17/10 03:01 AM
I have my 58" mounted such that the bottom of the TV is about 10"-12" above my feet when I kick back and put up my recliner footer. Let's me see the TV without having my feet distract me.

Wasn't a very scientific approach, but it sure was pragmatic.

The 46" in the great room is higher, hanging above a fireplace (much higher than the 58"). We're about 10-12 feet from the 46" when we watch TV. Never had a problem with it or felt it was too high.

Both TVs are on tilting wall mounts.

Throw all of the above into a blender and the answer is - don't over-think it. Use a tilting wall mount for angle improvement to taste and be sure you don't hang it to LOW. You don't want distractions or blockages interfering with the bottom of the screen. Once it's up, you'll get used to it wherever you put it. Final words - hit studs and make it level.
Posted By: SatKartr Re: Plasma Height Wall Install - 07/17/10 04:30 AM
Thanks for the suggestions and encouragement, especially re: avoiding distractions/blockages, not overthinking, and using tilting wall mounts. I was looking at the tilting wall mount brackets on monoprice, they look pretty good, I may go with one of those.
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