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Posted By: Ichigo_Kurosaki Dolby Prologic II - 07/24/10 06:48 PM
That's the answer to my prayers. smile Whilst listening to music on stereo mode or pure direct mode I wasn't really happy with my receiver and my speakers, just today I decided to try some different things on it, for my total disbelief I finally found what was the problem I had with my HT setup for listening to music. The first problem was that little piece that sets up the receiver. LOL For my happiness I discovered that Dolby Prologic II makes the music really really nice to be heard. Also liked DTS-6 and there is another one I don't remember right now. Can say that the sub is really working right now and for my enjoyment music is much nicer than it was before! Guess I just have to finish working on speakers placements to get better sound for movies. Hopefully my other M22 that is coming will help make it nicer than it is right now! smile
Posted By: JohnK Re: Dolby Prologic II - 07/25/10 02:47 AM
Ichigo, as I've often pointed out, the sound that we hear at a concert doesn't come only from the front, but at least as much comes from surround ambience from other directions. The mikes picked this up but it had to be mixed into the front channels in 2-channel sources(there was no place else to put it). Surround processing such as DPLII detects the phase differences in this surround material, extracts it from the front channels, and sends it to the surrounds where it belongs, making the home listening experience a bit more realistic. I'd never restrict myself to listening to 2-channel materials on only the front speakers when a surround setup was available to me.

Relax; your setup hasn't even been completed yet, and you'll enjoy it more and more as you slowly learn more about what it can do.
Posted By: Murph Re: Dolby Prologic II - 07/26/10 01:56 PM
As I sometimes treat myself to our local orchestra in a small theater that self admits to totally destroying the acoustics when a previous board saw fit to totally retrofit one side wall to gain more paid seating, (Holy run on sentence...) I can attest to John's statement.

I'm relatively new to the classical music scene. Well kind of. I always enjoyed what my mother would play but it always sounded so flat on any gear my family or I owned that my interest never really developed. Then I bought Axioms and began to experiment more and more as I can now hear it for what it should have been.

In any case, now I have attended a few symphonies in much better venues in other provinces and I can tell you that I am now disappointed when I go back to my local theater. They have a wonderful orchestra and many of the senior musicians share roles in orchestras in these other areas as well. However, hearing them in Charlottetown is always a bit of letdown. While it sounds vibrant elsewhere, my hometown experience is always somewhat flat and brings me back to the days when I knew I liked the music but the instruments sounded all muddied together.
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