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Posted By: Worfzara Denon 990 firmware - 12/27/10 02:21 PM

I just did a firmware update on my Denon AVR-990. Does anyone know how to view the latest firmware revision on the unit or on the web? When I do an update, I'd like to know what they have fixed / changed.

Thanks in advance.

Posted By: Hansang Re: Denon 990 firmware - 12/28/10 01:01 AM
I guess receiver makers don't like advertising "what was wrong" so release notes are hard to come by. Over on AVS, there was a guy (captavs) who maintained a FW tracking thread. You might also try searching for "denon batpig" to see if he has a release note.

Finally, European site (so I've heard) may have release notes.
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