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Posted By: TonyN On-Wall M2's as surrounds? - 02/07/11 09:45 PM
Hi folks, first time posting so HELLO everyone!

I plan to purchase a Axiom "On-Wall" setup in the near future (remodeling living room/den/HT/media closet). I am getting the M22's for the mains and the VP150 for center duty. I am going to continue using my current SVS PB12 NSD/2 sub for the lows.

Other notes: H/K AVR-347, Samsung 63" C7000 3D Plasma, PS3 and Harmony 900 RF remote.

I planned on getting the On-Wall M2's for my surround duty but wanted to check and see if they would be adequate for my setup? They would be wall mounted about 2ft above ear level and only about 1ft behind seating position. My original reasoning for running these as surrounds is of course: wall mounting, appearance, price and matching drivers with the front stage. I can not find much info with these being used as surrounds though.

I see Axiom offers the QS4 surrounds that caught my eye, but they push me out of my current speaker budget. Would it be that much more beneficial for me to go with the QS4's over the on wall M2's?

Thank you for your input!
Posted By: jakewash Re: On-Wall M2's as surrounds? - 02/07/11 10:11 PM
Welcome to the forum.

I would get the Qs series as they are designed to mimic the speaker arrays that a theater has and as such gives a much more diffuse/enveloping sound. As you noted the drivers are not the same in the QS4 as in the M2 or M22's, but for surround duty the slight tonal differenecs are usually not a concern and the better envelopment is worth the possible difference IMO.

If you can swing a little more money, maybe at a slightly later time to get the QS8's which have the same drivers/sound as the M22's then you will have a perfect timbre match all around smile
Posted By: bdpf Re: On-Wall M2's as surrounds? - 02/07/11 10:21 PM
Hold off on the surrounds for now, save a bit more money and get the QS8s, you won't be disappointed smile
Posted By: TonyN Re: On-Wall M2's as surrounds? - 02/10/11 12:20 PM
Thanks for the advice. Went ahead and ordered the QS8's along with the On-Walls.

Can't wait!!
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