Auralex-GRAMMA anyone?

Posted by: Hansang

Auralex-GRAMMA anyone? - 08/07/11 08:46 PM

Has anyone tried GRAMMA or SubDude lately? I just ordered one from Amazon. Pretty favorable reviews on Amazon and elsewhere.

For $50, seems like a low risk thing to try out. It fits the EP500 almost perfectly!
Posted by: mpyw

Re: Auralex-GRAMMA anyone? - 08/07/11 09:00 PM

I have one underneath my SVS PC12+, it did improve the sound and less rattle of my ceilings
Posted by: Hansang

Re: Auralex-GRAMMA anyone? - 08/07/11 09:25 PM

Less rattle is what I'm shooting for, so that's good to hear! thanks.
Posted by: CV

Re: Auralex-GRAMMA anyone? - 08/07/11 09:28 PM

Yeah, they took away the annoying rattle I had.
Posted by: ClubNeon

Re: Auralex-GRAMMA anyone? - 08/07/11 10:45 PM

I have Subdudes under my two subs. Focused the sound, since the floor was no longer acting as a radiator.

Added the tactile sensations back with a Buttkicker.
Posted by: bdpf

Re: Auralex-GRAMMA anyone? - 08/08/11 09:25 AM

When you add one of those, do you loose the vibrations found in movies. My EP600 sits on hardwood floor and one thing that I like is the feeling of my floor shaking in some movies. I wonder if I would loose this if I add a Subdude?
Posted by: alan

Re: Auralex-GRAMMA anyone? - 08/08/11 09:31 AM

Hi Bruno,

Yes, you would lose the tactile vibration of the wooden floor because the Subdude or Auralax is a decoupler. If you don't have problems with an apartment tenant or someone in the room below you or elsewhere in the home or building, there's no point in getting one.