Help. Brain dead this morning. Bass Shaker wiring

Posted by: nickbuol

Help. Brain dead this morning. Bass Shaker wiring - 08/23/11 10:11 AM

OK. I am sure it can be done but my parallel and series modeling brain functions are shut down this morning.

Anyway, I am continuing to purchase more and more pieces for my home theater build, and I need to get a plate amp to run 8 of the original (non-pro) Aura Bass Shakers for my theater seating.

Anyway, they are 4 ohms and 25 watts each... If I group them into pairs wired in series, I end up with four pairs at 8 ohms, I then wire those into parallel pairs, and end up with 4 ohms, and lastly I take those two remaining 4 ohm segments and wire them in series and get 8 ohms...

Or I do vice versa (2 ohm pairs -> 4 ohm -> 8 ohm)...

Anyway, most plate amps I am looking at (PartExpress) are rated at 70% of their maximum when going from 4 ohm loads to 8 ohm. Makes sense, less resistance, etc...

Is there any way to wire up these eight 4ohm shakers into some combination to get back to 4 ohms in the end?

If one of the plate amps was "stereo" I would just make 2 connections at the point in which I had 2 segments of 4 ohms, but they are all mono (since they are sub amps).

In particular, I was just looking at one of the 240 watt plate amps, but that drops to 170 watts with 8 ohms. Maybe that is plenty...
Posted by: SirQuack

Re: Help. Brain dead this morning. Bass Shaker wiring - 08/26/11 10:43 PM

can't help ya, but might be interested in bass shakers in the PorterPlex V3.
Posted by: nickbuol

Re: Help. Brain dead this morning. Bass Shaker wiring - 08/27/11 01:11 AM

I have them in V1.0 and people really got a kick out of them, and I think that they do add some extra "feel" without having to force massive LFE bass output. Mind you that they are there to *supplement* not to be a bass replacement. I always kept mine on a low volume setting again to add something without being distracting.