M22's arriving Tuesday

Posted by: axiom_man

M22's arriving Tuesday - 09/30/12 07:41 PM

hopefully tomorrow though.
Ordered Thursday also ordered the stands. See how these are for now while the house is being built.

Got a friend to order the M3's a few weeks ago and he was impressed, I took them home and I was impressed, so I ordred these for now. Not sure if I wanna get the EP500 or one EP600 or just order SVS plus subs.
Posted by: Kruncher

Re: M22's arriving Tuesday - 09/30/12 07:50 PM

Congrats! Have loved my M22s for some time now. Paired with a good sub, they're an unbeatable value. I hope that you'll enjoy them for years, as many of us have.
Posted by: jorge016

Re: M22's arriving Tuesday - 09/30/12 08:49 PM

I'm coming up on my 8 year anniversary with my m22's and Hsu sub. I'm still completely satisfied and every so often get that "wow" feeling when I hear something in a recording I haven't noticed before. Good luck with yours.
Posted by: axiom_man

Re: M22's arriving Tuesday - 10/01/12 08:09 PM

Arrived today, now to break em in and see how it goes.
Posted by: Kruncher

Re: M22's arriving Tuesday - 10/01/12 09:07 PM

Proceed with these steps:

1) Wire M22s to amp/receiver
2) Apply power to amp/receiver
3) Play any source to speakers at low volume
4) Gently increase the volume until you're pleased

Congratulations, your speaker break-in period is already 100% complete.

To borrow a phrase, now just enjoy the music.
Posted by: axiom_man

Re: M22's arriving Tuesday - 10/02/12 09:16 AM

I don't think so.
If this is the way they are spose to sound it's not all that good.
I had a friend order a pair of m3's three weeks ago and it took a good week or more til the harshness settled down.
Same with the M22, just a tad harsh right now, Then again I don't much care for this Pioneer sc-1525, however I did notice I don't need to turn the volumn up near as much.
I do need a couple baby subs though.
I have 7 months to demo before I decide to build a home theatre using these or go up to the M60's, my daughter may end up with a great sound system yet.
Well ,I know she will cause I am getting something along the Denon/Marantz setup.