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Posted by: jumbo_tron

qs8 position - 11/17/12 09:33 PM

Hi guys Its been a while since I've been on the forums. I just purchased a home and am looking for some input on placement for my qs8's. I've always mounted them directly beside seating position or a little behind. The room I will be mounting them in has a hallway to the left of seating position and my only real option is to mount the qs8 about 2 feet ahead of my seating position. The right speaker can be mounted just behind or directly inline of seating position. I know the qs8's are very forgiving but I'm wondering if the forward placement will work. I will be running a receiver calibration after install. Thanks
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Re: qs8 position - 11/17/12 10:32 PM

Anthony, welcome back. Sure, placing the QS8 forward of the listening position will work if there's no other option. For a 5.1 setup with no back surround speakers it's best to have the QSs farther back(say 2-3')than directly to the side. How far back would the left QS8 have to be if behind the hallway? Or, is it feasible to mount it on the ceiling in the hallway area?
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Re: qs8 position - 11/18/12 12:23 AM

Mounting location would be 5 feet back. I would say a ceiling mount is out of question at the moment. I was just taking a look and my main seating is 12.5 feet from my 61" screen and I could bring my couch forward to about 120" from the screen which would probably be more ideal anyway and then I could mount my left speaker lined up with my head. I'm going to snap a couple of pictures and put them up here maybe more some ideas will sprout up.
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Re: qs8 position - 11/18/12 09:19 PM

Mounting the QS8s five feet back should give quite good results. You can temporarily place them there to check.
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Re: qs8 position - 11/18/12 09:49 PM

Thanks for the reply JohnK. I will see if I can round up a couple of ladders or something this week to place the speakers on and try them at 5 feet back.