Panasonic Laser/LED projector

Posted by: michael_d

Panasonic Laser/LED projector - 02/13/13 12:53 PM

Getting closer to having this tech main stream. Not sure when this will be available, but soon. Not terribly expensive either.
Posted by: nickbuol

Re: Panasonic Laser/LED projector - 02/13/13 04:20 PM

Contrast ratio is kind of sucky, unless Panasonic is changing their method of reporting it. Most manufacturers use a false "full on/full off" method of opening the iris completely and running the lamp a maximum brightness to get the brightest white image, and then they turn the projector off (as in powered off) to get the lowest setting, and come up with a contrast ratio. This isn't something that only Panasonic does, so I am not picking on them.

When they rate their other popular projectors at 500,000:1 and this one at only 20,000:1 I am concerned. Then again, if it is a REAL ratio, then that would be better than their 500,000:1 projectors (that really show about 10,000:1 in real world examples).

Either way, pretty darn cool if they get that tech going. It will make projectors potentially brighter and run a lot cooler (less fan noise).
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Re: Panasonic Laser/LED projector - 02/13/13 10:47 PM

nice, a little out of my price range for a projector, but MSRP is not what you usually pay anyway.
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Re: Panasonic Laser/LED projector - 02/14/13 12:28 AM

Shouldn't CV be in this thread by now?
Posted by: CV

Re: Panasonic Laser/LED projector - 02/14/13 12:52 AM

Originally Posted By: tomtuttle
Shouldn't CV be in this thread by now?

Hey, I'm definitely ready for more laser projection options. I'm not really sure what the benefit of laser + LED is, and at this point I may just wait for 4K. At least, I'll wait to spend several grand on a projector, but I might get something cheaper to tide me over until the technology is where I want it.
Posted by: Gary Vose Sr

Re: Panasonic Laser/LED projector - 02/16/13 12:23 PM

This is part of the technology I'll be waiting for as well. What is important too me is one, laser light engine. Two, the ability too run 4K. Three better motion enhancement, and four running at a minimum of 240 Hz but preferably 480 HZ. I figure also it's likely with these up-grades, the PQ will increase dramatically as well. I'm guessing probably 4-6 years before it's out there at reasonable pricing.