LFE channel

Posted by: brwsaw

LFE channel - 04/28/13 04:15 PM

Theres one. But many have multiple subs. Why isn't there a designation for the number of subs in use?
2.1, 5.1, 7.1,....
One LFE signal....I get that but...
Why not 2.1(2) or 2.1.2 or 2.2/1 or 2.1+1 or 2.1x2 or...
I like 2.2.
I want 2.4.
We all accept there's only one LFE channel currently.
On that subject why can't other LFE channels be DSP'd? Surround information is pulled from 2 channels...Why not have heavier bass at the point of the explosion? If a gernade is thrown towards the viewer and passes of the left side of the screen why can't a rear left sub be given a few more db to give authority at that location.
IMHO this is where HT/AVR technology should be heading.
Posted by: J. B.

Re: LFE channel - 04/28/13 05:26 PM

frequencies below approx. 80 Hz are not directional, i.e. whether such a signal comes from the back or the front of the sound stage, it will always fill all of the sound stage, and one can't localize the source of those very low frequencies, they're non directional, or are omni directional.

it's like saying one will never be able to say "hey, that very low freq. sound i just heard - or felt - came out the back of the room".
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Re: LFE channel - 04/28/13 07:30 PM

It is possible to locate a sub when its not set up correctly.
Why would it be impossible to use the signal information to make a single sub in a multi sub set up hit harder at any given moment. It should work but only with multiple signals DSP'd from a combination of the surround and LFE signal.
The surround information would be used to confirm when to adjust the sub output.
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Re: LFE channel - 04/28/13 09:26 PM

Maybe, but it has to be assumed that correctly set up and calibrated subs will output essentially omni-directional bass frequencies. Attempting to assign a special LFE event to a specific location wouldn't be effective.

The present convention to name setups according to the number of channels(not speakers)should be clear, despite some manufacturers using an advertising term such as "5.2". Two subs aren't 5.2 any more than two center speakers would be 6.1.
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Re: LFE channel - 04/28/13 10:10 PM

I wish there was a way.
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Re: LFE channel - 04/28/13 10:55 PM

Wishing won't help, you will have to come up with a way to change physics.
However, the slightly higher frequencies edging up into the midbass region from an explosion will allow you to identify location and if you really pay close attention or have your sub slightly under calibrated you can locate bass to a speaker as required. The problem is the LFE is usually so strong it overpowers this location and just shakes the room.
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Re: LFE channel - 04/28/13 11:07 PM

I would assume my only option would be to purchase closer to full range surrounds.
The upgrade to QS8's probably wouldn't do it and I don't have the space an M80 would need.
I know it can be better...
Posted by: jakewash

Re: LFE channel - 04/28/13 11:27 PM

I am quite happy with the way my QS8s work with explosions etc. They are not large so you could try them out and return them if it doesn't improve your surround experiences.
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Re: LFE channel - 04/28/13 11:46 PM

My next purchase was to be the QS8's.
I am now leaning towards the VP160 for mid May.
Posted by: JohnK

Re: LFE channel - 04/29/13 03:14 AM

To follow up on Jason's comment, some LFE sounds are "aperiodic", i.e., they have no upper harmonics and can't be located through hearing their directional upper harmonics. In contrast, bass musical instruments have such harmonics and that's why we can identify the position of a bass drum, etc., although it may be playing a fundamental note around a clearly non-directional 30-40Hz. The harmonics are played by the speakers, not the sub, and that provides the imaging to locate the instrument.
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Re: LFE channel - 04/29/13 05:24 PM

read up on atmos from dolby thats the future,once everyone has bought the current recievers we will be sucked in to buy all over again Carefull what you wish for LOL
Posted by: brwsaw

Re: LFE channel - 04/30/13 01:55 AM

I like the atmos concept.
Its too bad a guy couldn't combine a sphere like the one in Gamer (screen) with atmos multi channel recordings.
Then add a reactive room/simulator.
It only needs to fit 1. Me.
20 years to soon and a couple million dollars shy.
Back to the drawing board.