Subs ...EQ'd none EQ'd

Posted by: TroyD

Subs ...EQ'd none EQ'd - 05/07/13 02:58 PM

Just wondering.
Trying to decide now between the Martin Logan Depth I or SVS Plus or the EP500.
The first two have built in PEQ. where as Axioms don't.
IS it better to have a sub that has a built in EQ or just go with the A/V and whatever calibration it has ( Audessy, ARC )

With my receiver, it runs ARC and I have two separate settings one measurements are for movies and a second for music.
I can also calibrate the music for 2 ch or 2.1. or 7.1.
I have now a Blu ray for movies calibrated for movies and a separate for Blu-ray player for Music. I have a CD Player set for 2 ch music.

JUst like the thought that if I have the ML or SVS I can calibrate the subs LFE. and let the receiver calibrate for all speakers but the LFE.
However, if I have Axioms EP500 then I would have to let the receiver and ARC do it all. Also, thinking of getting a EP500 and a PEQ and put this in the mix, kinda like having a built in PEQ for the sub. Even if just to play around
Posted by: Boltron

Re: Subs ...EQ'd none EQ'd - 05/07/13 03:14 PM

I would let Audyssey handle it all. There is no advantage to having it on the subs also. In fact I believe having equalization on both is bad.

The best bang for for the buck for sub equalization is room placement. No amount of equalization on AVR or speakers can compensate for sub-optimal (pun intended) sub placement. Do the sub woofer crawl first and then let Audyssey do it's thing.
Posted by: TroyD

Re: Subs ...EQ'd none EQ'd - 05/07/13 04:56 PM

Yeh, wasn't sure ..... seems all the high end subs have it nowadays

Don't have Audessy, I have Anthem Reciever and use Anthem Room Correction
Posted by: tomtuttle

Re: Subs ...EQ'd none EQ'd - 05/07/13 06:03 PM

If ARC really does EQ down to ~20Hz, I'd let it handle the whole thing, which makes the PEQ in the sub redundant.
Posted by: fredk

Re: Subs ...EQ'd none EQ'd - 05/07/13 07:05 PM

Originally Posted By: Boltron
I would let Audyssey handle it all. There is no advantage to having it on the subs also. In fact I believe having equalization on both is bad.

EQ of some sort on subs is a no brainer. Frequencies below 80hz will excite room modes giving you potentially large peaks and valleys. With a room that is 20x20x8 I have a huge 16 db peak centered around 56 Hz (relating to the 20' length & width, and a narrow deep valley (20+ db)in the low 70 Hz range. Cutting the 56 Hz peak a noticeably improved my bass.
Posted by: JohnK

Re: Subs ...EQ'd none EQ'd - 05/07/13 09:26 PM

Troy, I use Audyssey with good results with my EP500, and expect that ARC would also give you good results. Use of a built-in sub EQ would be likely less effective in itself, and possibly counter-productive if used simultaneously.
Posted by: wilwom

Re: Subs ...EQ'd none EQ'd - 05/08/13 11:14 PM

I have to agree with FREDK. The PEQ in my sub is used to smooth a large room related peak. My Denon based Audyssey correction is limited to + or - 12db. Having the sub PEQ just gives Audyssey an easier job to complete the correction. They are not counter-productive when used together.