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Posted By: huskydave m80;s review after 1 year. - 06/26/13 09:43 PM
I just wanted to tell you guys that the axiom m80's were by far the best thing I purchased last year. If you have a good amp they sound great, If not they don't sound great at all. I bought a used set and found you need some power to wake them up. The speakers perform as well as speakers that cost much much more imo. I am used to a 7.1 setup and when I bought the speaker I was down to stereo again from abuse lol. I found that with a good movie I could hardly tell the front center channel was missing and the soundstage is awesome with good placement of the speakers (towed in to your listening position and away from tea wall.
Posted By: FireGuy Re: m80;s review after 1 year. - 06/26/13 11:32 PM
Good to hear huskydave. I have their complete line of bookshelves and feel the same way. I drive my M22's with an unassuming AudioSource AMP110 and the pair runs clean and healthy, tons of headroom and great imaging. Enjoy.
Posted By: St_PatGuy Re: m80;s review after 1 year. - 06/29/13 12:22 AM
Glad you are enjoying your M80 speakers, huskydave!
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