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Posted By: Flex Help with my upgrade and hello board - 08/11/13 03:15 AM
Hello all. I'm new to this board and look foward to helping as well as getting some good Home theater advice. And when your an Axiom owner what better place to start then Axiom forum. Anyway heres my deal. I've always wanted a monsterous home theater system since i was younger and heard someones JBL Thx system playing the movie Heat ( I almost wet my pants during the gunfire scene outside the bank). I knew then I had to have something like that.

Now 10 years ago I began my road to making that dream come true when I purchased the Axiom Epic 80 500.Axiom gave me a chance of obtaining a dream by making a product that I thought was un-obtainable without spending 10,000-12,000 on speakers alone. I found there website by total accident searching for THX systems. I was starting to get disapointed at all the Huge price tags. I was like "this cant be real""I never heard of axiom""whats the catch here". I took a huge gamble and bought them just from reading reviews and what was on website.

Needless to say Im thrilled that I did make that decision. The highlight of my home is my surround sound of which every friend that i have has to hear them. I should have quit my job years back and worked for axiom and sold systems for them lol. Several of my friends are now happy owners of different axiom speakers.

Unfortunatley right after I started I went through a nasty divorce. That stopped me dead in my tracks financially. I was stuck with a 35" Sony Trinitron TV and a horrible Sony Str da 2000es. Granted the speakers still sounded very good but I knew I wasnt even close to getting the full potential.

Over the last year I have been making some changes(new tv had to be first lol) and the soundstage is starting to open up. Now what I'm looking for is some advice from other Axiom owners who can help me pick my final piece. This would not be too hard if I could afford to buy an outlaw 7900 amp but reality speaks louder then my pocket.

First off this is what I currently have set up 5.2
50" Led tv
Axiom epic 80 500
Infinity BU-120 (2nd subwoofer)
Pioneer SC-1222-k (Receiver)(Useing as pre-amp/proc and currently powering the QS8s
Crown XLS-1500 Amplifer - Currently powering M80's
Marantz MA500 monoblock - Currently powering Vp150
Pioneer Elite BDP-62FD Blu-Ray player

Now here's what direction im looking for. Im looking for a 7 Chanel amplifier. For the time being I will Bi amp it to the m80s till I can afford to get 2 more speakers for the rear. Now the kicker is budget. I have a 600.00 max for this. I am currently looking at three different amplifiers and would like to know what you guys think. Amp one is the Emotiva Upa-700 new(499.00). My second choice which im leaning a little more in favor of is a used Emotiva Upa-7 (still under warranty till 2015 mint condition 500.00) And lastly a new outlaw 7075 (however a little bit out of my budget).

Based upon what I already have would any of those make a solid improvment or would I be going sideways at best? Or have I overlooked other options within that price range give or take?

As for adding 2 additional speakers for the rear what Axiom would best match my current system without underpowering or overpowering them? Would any of the on wall speakers be a good choice?

Thank you all very much for taking the time to read this. I'll be eagerly checking back in from time to time today to see others expieriences and opinions.
Posted By: CatBrat Re: Help with my upgrade and hello board - 08/11/13 05:43 AM
You can always buy with a return policy and return it if not completely satisfied with it.
Posted By: tomtuttle Re: Help with my upgrade and hello board - 08/11/13 06:40 AM
What is it about your current system that makes you think this will be a meaningful upgrade?
Posted By: JohnK Re: Help with my upgrade and hello board - 08/11/13 06:43 AM
Nick, welcome. Going over your list, it appears that an additional seven channels of amplification would be about the last thing that was needed, and that you'd be going "sideways", as you commented. You already have seven channels available with the 1222 and three more with the XLS-1500 and MA500. If you decide to get back surround speakers, the currently unused channels in the 1222 should be more than sufficient for them.

If you have enough room behind your listening position for an effective rear sound field(say, at least 4'), adding QS4s or QS8s there would be a meaningful addition. A new center speaker, such as the VP160, is also something to consider.
Another welcome, Nick.

I agree with JohnK: I think you'll get far more benefit from upgrading your center to a VP160 or VP180 if you have room for either one.
Posted By: fredk Re: Help with my upgrade and hello board - 08/12/13 12:02 AM
Well, you guys aren't being very helpful with spending his money upgrade advice. Since everyone has poo pooed the amp, I say you buy a VP180 and a nice projector. grin

The VP180 would be a noticeable upgrade from your current center. smile
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