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Posted By: NOLAGT Help me pick a speaker setup for this room - 10/07/13 03:14 AM
This will be for my daughters den on the second floor. It's a little odd shaped so I'd like to see what would be best for a setup. Now she's 7 so it's really for daddy's obsession of good sound lol. Thanks.

Long back wall (next to bdrm 4) is where the couch will be and it's about 16' 3"

The front wall (next to balcony) is 12' 6".

The walls on either side of the balcony door are 7' and 2' 6".

I'm thinking a 46" Samsung led TV as close to the balcony door as possible to get it as close to center in the "room" that is not including the area in from of the stairs.

I'm not opposed to speakers up on the wall/ceiling.

Would you do w2s in each corner of the 12' 6" wall aimed at the center of the sofa and a w100 center in the middle of the room (not centered on the tv) or center the center on the tv and closer to the R channel.

Would you use qs4 rears? On the wall above the 3x6 opening on the far left.

Ceiling mount both qs4 in the "room" area not including the stair area?

Can qs4s be that close to the back wall on the side of the sofa?

Should I mount the qs4 on the back wall in this situation?


Posted By: JohnK Re: Help me pick a speaker setup for this room - 10/07/13 03:59 AM
Mark, the M2s would be fine for mains if supported by one of the relatively inexpensive subs which are available. If the center speaker isn't centered on the TV(dialog and other TV material wouldn't image from the center of the screen), but instead on the 12'x 16' listening "room", it'd sound better for other than TV listening. Also, there'd apparently be room to place a 3rd vertical M2 for the center.

As to the side surrounds, if the couch is going to be fairly close to the rear wall(say, within about 4')mounting on the rear wall about 6' up and separated widely enough to be outside the edges of the couch(could be as wide as the mains)would give good side effects with some "phantom" rear support. QS4s should be excellent.
Yea that's what I can't centered on the TV and not in the middle of the L and R or centered between the L and R and not the TV. I have always had my centers on the tv and between the L and R.

The sofa will be right up against the back wall.

And definetly a sub of some sort..,maybe the 175 powered 10"
Posted By: JohnK Re: Help me pick a speaker setup for this room - 10/07/13 04:15 AM
Yes, the question would be whether to emphasize TV or other center channel sound(or not even use the center speaker except with the TV and let the M2s form a "phantom" center with other material).

With the couch up against the wall, mounting QS4s on the rear wall and separated as much as 12'(to maximize the "side" effect)would be close to ideal.
Problem with in-walls is moving them.
On-walls or freestanding gives you flexibility for placement, albeit not as clean an install look.

Price wasn't listed in the specs, so i would likely go with what John is suggesting unless moving to a M22 would be within budget. I'm still more of the opinion to use a horizontal centre unless your setup allows for an even placement of the drivers toward ear height. This matters less with a smaller speaker config, but one could still buy a much larger, wider horizontal centre with two smaller mains.
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