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Posted By: eman VP160 crossover settings - 07/04/14 12:53 AM
I was wondering whats the best crossover settings for the vp160 ? My receivers sets them at 40hz.

Speakers are set to small
pair of m22 v3 are set to 100hz
QS8 v3 are set to 100hz
HSU Rosewood sub vtf3 mk4
Posted By: nickbuol Re: VP160 crossover settings - 07/04/14 04:52 AM
Depends on your room, but Audyssey set my VP180 at 40hz. Honestly though, I really like it set there vs. manually pushing it up to the generally recommended 80Hz. I have messed with the settings so much, and it makes the sound so smooth being at 40Hz.
Posted By: exlabdriver Re: VP160 crossover settings - 07/04/14 05:06 PM
Audyssey hears my 160 at 40Hz as well; however, I as a compromise, I set mine at 60Hz. This takes advantage of this unit's lower freq reach but does not strain the AVR as much as 40Hz would.

Works really well in my setup...

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